Facts About 511

PUBP/PUAD/GOVT 511 is the first methods course in the program. Students are REQUIRED to take 511 during one of their first two semesters in the program:

  1. To enroll in 511, students must complete a statistics screening exam. Exams can be taken during a scheduled exam date or completed at the conclusion of the Statistics Workshop. 2016-2017 Exam and Workshop Dates.
  2. The screening exam can be taking multiple times. If you do not pass the first time, you are welcome to retake it on another test date or register for either the January, May, or August 2017 Workshops.
  3. There is no cost associated with the screening exam. You have up to 120 minutes to complete the exam. Students must bring a LARGE Bluebook Examination Booklet (found at the bookstore) – Pencil – Calculator with square root function (cellphone calculators are prohibited) – Students are permitted to prepare and bring an 8.5” X 11” reference sheet* which you must submit with the exam (see details below)
  4. To prepare, Dr. Daigle has provided a sample screening exam. It is recommended that you review a college level statistics textbook and the online resources available here. The exam generally covers single variable tables and frequency distributions, percentages and proportions, graphs and summary statistics (averages, measures of dispersion), sample statistics, sampling distributions, normal distributions, and confidence limits.

*Students are permitted to prepare an 8.5” X 11” reference sheet, double sided, with whatever information that students may find useful for the examination. Useful information may include but not be limited to definitions, sample problems and solutions, paragraphs exploring larger principals or themes, or any other information the students feel will help them successfully complete the exam. Students can derive their reference sheets from the sample problems available on the website, or from whatever other source they feel is appropriate. Students do NOT need to include formulas or the normal distribution table on their cheat sheet, as these will be provided during the exam. Students are not permitted to use any optical aids (magnifying glasses for example) unless specifically having been granted such an accommodation from the Office of Disability Services (ODS).

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