Biodefense, PhD

Mason developed the Biodefense program in response to biological threats: biological warfare, bioterrorism, and infectious diseases. The doctoral program in biodefense is designed to prepare you to serve as a scholar and a professional in the fields of biodefense and biosecurity. Other areas of biodefense including nonproliferation, intelligence and threat assessment, and medical and public health preparedness are integral parts of the program. Because of the breadth of the program, students with backgrounds in science and other areas, such as international affairs, political science, law, public policy, and conflict resolution, are encouraged to apply.

The PhD in Biodefense will provide you with a background in the science and technology of biodefense and specialized areas of threat assessment, non-proliferation, and medical and public health preparedness. You will acquire the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between scientists and policy-makers on each of these levels. You will also develop the knowledge of natural and man-made biological threats and the skills to develop and analyze policies and strategies for enhancing biosecurity.

Director: Gregory Koblentz

PhD in Biodefense Degree Requirements
PhD in Biodefense Handbooks
PhD 101
The Pandora Report
PhD Student Conference Support


Anticipated 2015-2016 Tuition Rates*

In State: $717.25 per credit
Out-of-State: $1,333.25 per credit

*Subject to Board of Visitors Approval

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