HMP Degree Requirements

The Health and Medical Policy program requires 42 credit hours of coursework.

Required HMP Core Courses (22 credit hours)
PUBP 500 Theory and Practice in Public Policy: Theories of public policy emphasizing both the historical intellectual development of the discipline and the role that theory and ethics may be expected to play in public policy making. (4 credits)

PUBP 730 U.S Institutions and the Policy Process: Provides inquiry into policy-making environment, organized around U.S. federal system examining the nation’s policy systems and key components. (3 credits)

HAP 609 Comparative International Health Systems: Uses Roemer’s Model of Health Systems to examine resource allocation, management, and health outcomes in the United States and around the globe. (3 credits/available online)

HAP 715 Health Economics: Examines the influence of culture in societal, political, economic and technological processes, nationally and internationally. (3 credits/available online)

PUBP 511 Statistical Methods in Policy Analysis: A graduate-level introduction to the statistical methods and techniques used in the policy sciences. (3 credits)

PUBP 713 Policy and Program Evaluation: Examines how programs of public agencies are proposed, established, operated, and evaluated. (3 credits)

PUBP 756 Global Medical Systems Policy Analysis: Equips students with knowledge and skills to critically analyze structures, functions, governing policies, and performance of healthcare systems. (3 credits)

Global Medical Policy Concentration (14 hours)
PUBP 757 Public Policy in Global Health and Medical Practice: (3 credits)

PUBP 758 Global Threats and Medical Policy: (3 credits)

PUBP 767 Global Comparative Medical Practices, Ethics, and Law: (3 credits)

PUBP 770 Global Health and Medical Policy Analysis: (3 credits)

PUBP 795 Final Project: (2 credits)

Electives (6 hours)
Students are asked to complete six credit hours within the areas of Public Policy (PUBP), Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CONF), Global and Community Health (GCH), and/or Health Administration and Policy (HAP) courses. (Electives must be approved in advance by your academic advisor).

2015-2016 Tuition Rates

In State: $746.00 per credit
Out-of-State: $1401.00 per credit


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