Students participate in Mason Lobby Day at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond

Undergraduate Programs

BA in Government and International Politics
The BA in government and international politics allows you to take core courses in American political institutions, the political systems of other countries, and international relations.

You may choose a concentration in American politics, international politics, political theory and law, or public policy.

BS in Public Administration
Public administration focuses on how public policy is implemented within the society. Course topics include economics, management, public policy, and human resources.

You may choose a concentration in administration and management, public policy, nonprofit management, US government and institutions, or administration and economics.

Concentration in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
The new undergraduate Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program allows you to pursue topics at the intersection of philosophy, political science, and economics. The PPE brand was established at Oxford University almost a century ago. Mason’s program – which is offered jointly by the Department of Philosophy, the Schar School of Policy and Government, and the Department of Economics – is the first in the metropolitan DC area.

Minor in Global Systems
The interdisciplinary minor in global systems is designed to complement virtually any undergraduate major. It works especially well for majors in business disciplines, economics, languages, geography, government and international politics, history, and other disciplines that take a global view.

Minor in Political Philosophy
The interdisciplinary minor in political philosophy provides you the opportunity for intensive study in the areas of political philosophy and political theory. This is offered jointly by the departments of Philosophy and the Schar School of Policy and Government.

Minor in Urban and Suburban Studies
The interdisciplinary minor in urban and suburban studies offer you the opportunity to work at the intersection of local, the regional, and the global issues.

Minor in American Government
The minor in American government develops knowledge of the principles, institutions, and behaviors of the American political system. You will gain insight into the workings of institutions like Congress and the presidency, the tactics of interest groups and political party activists, and the techniques and influence of various types of media.

Minor in International/Comparative Studies
The minor in international and comparative studies teaches you the analytical tools to understand the forces that shape international relations. You will gain understanding of countries or regions as well as learning functional topics such as security, political economy, ethics, the environment, and international organizations and law.

Minor in International Security
The minor in international security will provide you with the theories and background to understand the institutions and processes of international security, as well as critical international security issues such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and war.

Minor in Legal Studies
The minor in legal studies focuses on the constitutional foundations, interpretation, processes and functions of domestic and international law.

Minor in Public Policy and Management
The minor in public policy and management will introduce you to the theories about and process of policy formulation and implementation in the political/governmental arena.

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