The Schar School is known worldwide for research that discovers new knowledge and develops practical solutions to challenges in public policy, government, and international affairs. Our faculty consists of scholars and experts who seek to push the frontiers of conventional wisdom, apply rigorous analysis to complex issues, and make a positive contribution to the world.

Schar School Research

Professor Tojo Thatchenkery

Faculty Awards and Appointments

Schar School faculty have won many prestigious awards and appointments. Check out their recent accomplishments.

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Professor Sita Slavov

Faculty Publications

Schar School faculty members are actively involved in scholarly publication. They edit top academic journals, win grants from prestigious government agencies and private foundations, and serve in leadership roles in professional societies. Many faculty members write for general audiences as well, communicating through a wide array of media outlets.

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Professor Bill Schneider

Faculty in the Media

The Schar School’s faculty is deeply engaged in research that advances solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing the region, nation, and world. They appear frequently in the media to provide analysis of public policy formation and implementation.

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Professor Louise Shelley

Faculty Presentations

Schar School faculty members are actively engaged with colleagues, policy-makers, and communities around the region and around the world. In presentations and through dialogue, they address key issues that impact the lives of citizens and nations and improve understanding of the challenges facing our societies.

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Student Research

Our students pursue their interests under the guidance of, and in collaboration with, the the Schar School faculty. Student research often helps address the complex policy challenges our communities and country face.

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Founders Hall

Research Centers

The Schar School’s research centers span diverse policy areas, including international security, economic development, energy policy, and emerging markets. The School frequently hosts seminars and workshops featuring practitioners and scholars from around the world as well as community events with public officials and candidates.

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