Faculty in the Media

December 2016

Jim Finkelstein was quoted in the article “One Michigan college president brings in nearly $1 million in compensation;” and the Marketwatch article, “This college president makes 129 times more than the $42,000 his students earn after years in the workplace.”

Justin Gest was quoted on the Scientific American article, “Researchers Baffled by Nationalist Surge.” He was quoted in the Vox article, “The case for normalizing Trump.”

Jonathan Gifford was quoted in the Bond Buyer’s “Interstate Tolls Could Fuel Trump’s P3 Plan.”

David Hart published an op-ed that appeared in Morning Consult titled “Focus, Reform, Invest“ on December 16, 2016.  Prof. Hart also published an op-ed in Europe’s World op-ed called “Trade War or Innovation Race” on December 15, 2016.

Michael Hayden published an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Trump is already antagonizing the intelligence community, and that’s a problem.”

Mark Katz published “The Authoritarian Status Quo in the Middle East,” in The Arab Weekly; “Assassination in Ankara: Broader Implications,” in LobeLog; “Can Putin and Trump Succeed at Improving Russian-American Relations?” in LobeLog; and a review of Bobo Lo, Russia and the New World Disorder.  Political Science Quarterly 131:4, Winter 2016-17.

Richard Kauzlarich wrote commentary in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Dakota Access enhances American energy security.” He was quoted in the Bloomberg articles, “Expedited Gas Exports Poised to Rankle Russia” and “Trump Tower in Azerbaijan Showed Conflict Risk in Strategic Area.”

Jeremy Mayer pondered “What if Al Sharpton were President?” in a piece for the National Interest.

Steven Pearlstein wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Donald Trump’s Carrier deal could make American capitalism better.”

Jim Pfiffner was quoted in The Hill article, “Like a boss: Obama approaches transition as a CEO and mentor.”

Hilton Root’s Governing for Prosperity, edited with Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, was a part of Australia’s Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s summer reading list.

Mark Rozell was quoted in the December 2 New York Times article, “President Obama is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor.” He was quoted in the December 2 Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star article, “Virginia’s black voters turned out in lower rates this year.” He gave a lecture on “The 2016 Elections: Virginia Continues its Blue Streak”, at annual meeting of Virginia Press Association, December 1, 2016, Richmond, Virginia. He gave a lecture on “A Look Back at the 2016 Elections in Virginia”, at the monthly meeting of the 2030 Club, December 8, 2016, Tysons Corner, Virginia. He was the moderator for “After Virginia Votes,” co-sponsored with Virginia Public Access Project, November 15, 2016, GMU-Fairfax. He gave a lecture on “The 2016 Elections: Virginia and the Nation”, at Fairfax City Town Hall lecture series, November 15, 2016, Fairfax, Virginia.

Bill Schneider published commentaries “The Master Builder” and “Total War” in the Huffington Post.

Sita Slavov was quoted in the Bloomberg article, “Don’t Fall Into the Social Security Trap.”

Trevor Thrall media appearances included, “Trevor Thrall discusses Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy,” Al Jazeera English’s The Stream; and the Cato Book Forum, “Why America Misunderstands the World.” He published “Pulling Back Now Won’t Absolve American Involvement in Yemen,” in the National Interest; “Will Trump-Branded Properties Be Targeted by Terrorists?” in; “Trump Towers or Trump Targets?” on; “Trump’s Military Men Can’t Fix America,”  in USA Today; “Apart at the Seams? Hegemonic Stability Theory and the Myth of American Indispensability,” on; “Why Trump’s War on the Media Matters,” on; and “Obama’s Legacy:”  in RealClear Defense.

Ming Wan published “Trump’s ‘One China’ Comments Undermine the Foundations of American Leadership” in Newsweek, December 16, 2016. He was a television guest on “Eye on America” of Voice of America on U.S.-Japan relations, January 4, 2017; and on Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Pearl Harbor, December 27, 2016. He was interviewed by Newsradio 11440 WRVA, Richmond, Virginia, on Trump-China relations, December 12, 2016 (pre-recorded); and by Voice of America, on Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s planned visit to Pearl Harbor, December 5, 2016 (pre-recorded).

Janine Wedel published “Foreign Influencing Goes Far, Far Beyond Russian Hack Attacks” and ‘Extreme Vetting’ Needed… For Pro-Putin Trump Players” in the Huffington Post.

November 2016

David Armor was quoted in a November 11 newspaper article in the Charlotte Observer about school desegregation in Charlotte, NC.

Ahsan Butt wrote an op-ed for GMU Islamic Studies Center’s website, The Maydan, on the implications of Donald Trump’s election for Muslims in the U.S.

Colin Dueck published: “If Asked, National-Security Conservatives Should Serve the New Administration” in the National Review on November 18.

Justin Gest was quoted in the New York Times article, “Why Stock Markets, Initially Shaken, Went Up After Trump’s Victory” on November 9. He was interviewed about the election for BBC London.

Jack Goldstone wrote an op-ed in the National Interest: “How to Achieve Real Strategic Victory in Mosul” on November 7.

Michael Hayden published an op-ed in the Washington Post: “Trump’s most important new partner: The intelligence community.” He wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post on November 3: “Trump is Russia’s Useful Fool.”

Mark Katz was interviewed in  Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (A Harvard Kennedy School of Government Student Publication), November 27, 2016,

Stuart Malawer published “On the Importance of International Trade in the Era of Trump” in the Richmond-Times Dispatch on November 26.

Steven Pearlstein published two op-eds in the Washington Post: “Donald Trump is about to face a rude awakening over Obamacare” and “Democrats, don’t pout: Let the dealmaking begin.”

James Pfiffner wrote “Trump wants a White House that’s not ‘top down.’  Here’s why this won’t work,” posted in the Washington Post, Monkey Cage blog, 28 November 2016);

Hilton Root gave an interview: “The worries of the trump’s transition team,” in NEGOCIOS REFORMA, on November 21.

Mark Rozell published “Memo to Democrats: Look to the Southwest and Southeast, not the Midwest” in Politico. He was quoted in the Economist article: How Tim Kaine Might Use his Clout in the Senate” on November 28. He was quoted in the Washington Post article, “Here’s what happened when state directors for Trump and Clinton sat down for a chat” on November 16. He was quoted in the Miami-Herald article “President-elect Trump might find himself in court dealing with his lawsuits” on November 14. He published an op-ed in the Washington Post “Trump made it a close call in Virginia” on November 11. He published an op-ed in the New York Daily News: Why Trump was Poised to Win: tallying the Forces in his Favor” on November 9. He was quoted in the New York Times article: “Last Economic Snapshot before the Election Shows Healthy Job Growth.” He co-wrote an op-ed in the New York Daily News on the “The 269-to-269 nightmare scenario.” He wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post on November 2: Hillary Clinton take Virginia? Not Necessarily.”

William Schneider published commentary “American Don’t Think Trump is Qualified. Why They Elected him Anyway.” in Reuters.

Louise Shelley was interviewed interview with me in the major Southern Italian newspaper Il Mattino. Davide Cerbone, “Terrorismo, micidiale l’isolamento ma il Congresso USA lo impendira,”  Terrorism deadly isolstion but the US Congress will prevent,” November 12, 2016, p. 5

Bonnie Stabile’s article  “Reproductive Policy and the Social Construction of Motherhood” was published in Politics and the Life Sciences on November 23.

Trevor Thrall wrote commentaries on November 16, “The Looming Battle for Trump’s Foreign Policy,” in National Interest; November 9, “America’s Foreign Policy Tribes,” for; and

November 4, “The Return of the Indispensable Nation,”  in the Orange County Register.

Jennifer Victor was quoted in the Dallas Morning News article: “In stunning turnaround, Republicans maintain Senate majority as Trump clinches victory” on November 9.

Ming Wan was interviewed by Voice of America, on Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, November 17, 2016.

Janine Wedel published commentary in the Japan Times: “Donald Trump and a World Full of Distrust” on November 9. She wrote commentary in the Huffington Post: “Clinton’s Latest Email Controversy and Why it Deserves Scrutiny” on November 1.

October 2016

Alan Abramson published an op-ed in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, “Why We Should Urge the Next President to Create an Office for Nonprofits.”

Ahsan Butt was quoted in a story on media freedom in Pakistan appearing in the Indian website Firstpost, Pakistan’s Action Against Cyril Almeida Shows How Good the Press is there now how bad it is.  He was a guest on the “How to Pakistan” podcast, where he discussed geopolitics in South Asia and Kashmir.

Delton Daigle was quoted in an Arlington Magazine article, “Arlington Hasn’t Always Been Liberal. Just Look at Its Voting History.”

Robert Deitz appeared on NBC Nightly News on October 19 to discuss WikiLeaks and Russian hacks of election-related material.

Colin Dueck and an essay he wrote were referenced in a New York Times story called “How Donald Trump Hacked the Politics of Foreign Policy.”

Justin Gest published commentary in Reuters, “Donald Trump takes working-class whites down with him.” He was quoted in the Bloomberg article, “Trump May Not Win, but He’s Not Going Away.” He was quoted in the Politico article, “Revenge of the White Working-Class Woman.” He was interviewed on Univision to preview the vice presidential debate.

Jack Goldstone co-wrote an op-ed in the Toronto Globe and Mail, “How Donald Trump would reshape America.”

Bassam Haddad published “The Debate in Syria Has Reached a Dead End” in The Nation. He appeared on a Democracy Now show on Syria on October 27.

David Hart published an op-ed in Morning Consult, “Clean Energy Innovation:  A Way to Crack America’s Frozen Climate Debate” and moderated an event on the Mission Innovation plan to double Federal clean energy R&D at ITIF. He was quoted in the Buzzfeed article, “If Clinton Wins, The Next Energy Secretary Might Be The Current One.”

Mark Katz published an op-ed in The American Interest, “Russia and Lebanon: A Geopolitical Juggling Act.” He published “Syria: Ceasefire Efforts Cease”  in LobeLog.

Richard Kauzlarich was quoted in the Guardian article, “Azerbaijan dissidents warn the west not to fall for Baku’s flashy façade.”

Gregory Koblentz was quoted in two Huffington Post articles about ISIS and the use of chemical weapons, “ISIS Sets Sulfur Plant Ablaze In Northern Iraq, Choking The Air With Deadly Chemicals,” and “U.S.-Backed Forces Prepare For ISIS To Use Chemical Weapons In Mosul.”

Seymour Martin Lipset’s work was quoted in an op-ed by Larry Diamond in The Atlantic, “It Could Happen Here.”

Jeremy Mayer appeared on Voice of America (TV) to explain the rush for early voting. He was quoted in the Voice of America story, “From NATO to Islamic State, the US Presidential Candidates’ Foreign Policy Positions.”

Steven Pearlstein wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Will technological progress stymie the economies of advanced nations?”

Mark Rozell published an op-ed in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “The Christian right is split, but far from finished.” He appeared on WUSA 9 to discuss the close Virginia race for Congress. He was quoted in an article in Slovakia’s Pravda discussing Hillary Clinton’s chances of being president. He wrote an op-ed in Korea’s Khan News on the unfocused U.S. election process. He was quoted in the LA Times article, “Expat Americans are mostly pro-Clinton — just listen to these guys in Germany.” He was quoted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch article, “Outside groups have spent $1.5 million in Va. to influence one congressional race, but only $35,000 on presidential race.” He appeared on NBC4 to discuss how local politicians should focus on regional issues, not national ones. He was quoted in the Washington Post article, “Trump factor looms in final Northern Virginia congressional debate.” He appeared on Voice of America, saying it matters little if Trump doesn’t accept presidential vote loss. He appeared in WUSA-TV9 segment, “Donald Trump is moving resources out of Virginia.” He was interviewed in France’s LaCroix to explain Donal Trump’s difficulty securing the Catholic vote. He was quoted in a Richmond Times-Article on Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, “NoVa congressional race is national barn-burner.” He was quoted in the Newsmax stories “Clinton, Trump Not Giving Voters Any Reason to Turnout,” and “Ryan Faces Lose-Lose Proposition After Election.” He appeared on WTOP discussing the politics of delay on the Supreme Court nominee. He was quoted in the WUSA9 story, “Trump factor worries northern Virginia republicans.” He was quoted in the Washington Post article, “Trump factor looms in final Northern Virginia congressional debate.” He was quoted in the Inside Higher Education article about the Schar School, “Redefining Public Affairs Schools.”

Bill Schneider published op-eds in Reuters on possible ‘poisoning’ of a Clinton administration and the FBI, “How Clinton could lose even as she wins,” “The debate takeaway? We need a new way to vet presidential nominees,” and “And you thought Washington was gridlocked before Comey’s letter. Just wait.” In the Huffington Post, he published “A Consciousness-Changing Moment.”

Frank Shafroth was on Virginia Public Radio to explain job and housing growth in Virginia counties. Also on Virginia Public Radio, he explained why Salvadorans are flocking to Northern Virginia.

Sita Slavov co-authored an op-ed “Time for a New Approach on Taxes and Inequality” for Real Clear Markets.

Trevor Thrall published “Last Night’s Presidential Debate: A Warning to the Foreign Policy Establishment” in the National Interest; After Mosul Falls, Should Our Troops Stay On In Iraq?” in; “The Real Danger of Mosul” at; “It’s time for the United States to let Afghanistan go” in the Washington Examiner; and “Refugees, Immigrants, and the Polarization of American Foreign Policy” at He appeared on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio’s Counterpoint to discuss Afghanistan.

Jennifer Victor appeared on BBC-TV (UK) in a live broadcast to respond to the final presidential debate for a European audience.

Janine Wedel was quoted in the Huffington Post articles, “Clinton’s Latest Email Scandal and Why It Deserves Scrutiny,” and “Trumpism 101: The Outsider, Ignored For Years. No longer.”

September 2016

Ahsan Butt published an op-ed for the Business Standard, arguing for Pakistan to abandon its revisionism over Kashmir. He published an op-ed for on the structural incentives and opportunities that lead to violence in Kashmir.

Justin Gest wrote an article in Politico “I’m Not A Racist, But…’ How the Clinton-Trump rows over racism may only entrench prejudice and distrust.”

Richard Kauzlarich wrote an op-ed on Fox News regarding the Dakota Access Project oil pipeline; and conducted interviews with Meydan TV and BBC Azerbaijan service on the September 26 referendum on Constitutional changes in Azerbaijan.

Gregory Koblentz was quoted in the following article: Colum Lynch, “Chemical Weapons Watchdog Continues Hunt for Syria’s Elusive Nerve Agent,” Foreign Policy, September 16, 2016.

Jeremy Mayer appeared on ABC7 and Voice of America to discuss the first presidential debate.

Eric McGlinchey was quoted in the media: BBC News, “Intrigue and power games as Uzbek leader ails;” Politico, “Uzbekistan buries dictator Karimov;” and in The Diplomat, “A Post-Karimov Uzbekistan.”

Hilton Root published Erdoğan Is Destroying Turkey’s Hopes for Democracy in The Fiscal Times September 25, 2016.

Mark Rozell wrote an op-ed in the NY Daily News, “Why the Bushes are backing Hillary Clinton: It’s about honor, family and party legacy.” He was quoted in Germany’s Munich Merkur and Mittelbayerische about the U.S. Presidential campaign. He was quoted in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution article, “Shifting South: Changing demographics drive Virginia’s purple reboot.” He wrote a column in the Richmond-Times Dispatch, “Virginia Republicans can see a future – across the Potomac.” He wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Evangelicals and conservative Catholics, who have voted together for decades, are splitting apart.” He wrote the op-ed “More Frequent Church Goer Almost Certainly a Trump Voter: To Look Into Religion is to Understand American Election”, Kyeong Hyang Daily News (Seoul, Korea), September 3, 2016.

William Schneider published columns in Reuters, “Even in bad times, Americans avoid angry candidates” and “Why so many red states are turning blue.” For the Huffington Post, he wrote “Has Trump Hit the Limit?” and “Hillary’s Win Will Not Be A Landslide.”

Louise Shelley was quoted in Italy’s International Business Times. She was quotes the the CNS News article, “US Should Phase-Out All Currency Larger Than $10 Bills.” She was quoted in the Money Laundering article, “Senate Bill to Penalize Countries for Terror Funding Draws Bipartisan Supporters.” She was quoted in the French publication Joli Press.

Trevor Thrall wrote the following op-eds and commentaries: September 22, 2016: “Two candidates, two bad responses to terrorism,” in the NY Daily News; September 21, 2016: “Terror Attacks Won’t Budge Millennial Voters,” The Hill; September 15, 2016: “Hacking and the Era of Fragile Secrets,” for the Cato Institute; September 15, 2016: “Primed against Primacy: The Restraint Constituency and U.S. Foreign Policy,” for War On The Rocks; September 14, 2016: “Terrorism News and the 9/11 Anniversary Effect,” for the Cato Institute; September 9, 2016: “Do Less in the War on Terror” in U.S. News and World Report; and August 31, 2016: “Make America Safe Again? But America Is Already Safe” in Newsweek. Trevor Thrall also appeared on radio: “Trevor Thrall discusses Millennials foreign policy attitudes,” Bob Zadek Show 850AM; “Trevor Thrall discusses terror threats and surveillance,” Fox Business News/Kennedy; “Trevor Thrall discusses American security,” on the Steve Gruber show, 1240 WJIM, Lansing, MI.

Jennifer Victor was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on September 26, commenting on the first presidential debate. She published a piece on Vox, “The Donald Trump Show, Starring Hillary Clinton.” She published a piece in The Conversation, “Can Congress build bipartisanship through caucuses?”

August 2016

David Armor published an essay, “Bringing back busing: Do benefits outweigh cost?” for Brookings.

Justin Gest published a column in Politico, “Why Trumpism Will Outlast Donald Trump,” on August 16, 2016.

Jack Goldstone published commentary, “How Valuable are the Indicators?” The Cipher Brief. He also published a blog post for the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

Mark Katz published the following articles: “Is Saudi Arabia Really Inviting Russia to Play a Bigger Role in the Middle East?”  in LobeLog, August 2, 2016; “The Iran Factor in the Russian-Turkish Rapprochement,”  The Arab Weekly, August 14, 2016; “Why Has Tehran Allowed Russian Bombers to Use an Iranian Base?” LobeLog, August 18, 2016; “Russia’s Regional Ties Grow at Saudi Expense,”  The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, August 19, 2016; “Russian Bombers in Iran Are a Symbol, Not a Strategy,”  The National Interest, August 21, 2016; and “What Hamadan Says about the Fragility of Russian-Iranian Ties,” LobeLog, August 23, 2016. He gave interviews on Voice of America “International Edition,” August 16, 2016; ABC RN “Late Night Live” (Australia), August 18, 2016; and Mehr News Agency (Iran), August 24, 2016.

Richard Kauzlarich gave interviews to Realnoe Vrema, a Russian on-line business newspaper, on the Turkish Stream gas pipeline between Russia and Turkey on August 2; with El Mercurio newspaper in Santiago Chile on recent developments in the European Union (EU), on August 16 regarding Russian use of Iranian airbases to attack Syria, and on August 9 regarding Russia-Turkish relations; and with Voice of America Azerbaijani Service on recent political and economic developments in Azerbaijan on August 23.

Jeremy Mayer published “Big Daddy Trump” in The American Interest on August 25, 2016.

Mark J. Rozell published op-eds “Don’t Count Donald Trump Out in the Old Dominion Just Yet,” in the Washington Post, August 28, 2016, p. C4; “Religious Voters Still Key in Election,” in the Baltimore Sun, August 28, p. 27; “The Christian Right is on the Ropes” in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on August 7, 2016; “Tim Kaine is Catholic – And it Matters!” in the Richmond-Times Dispatch on July 31. He also published a column in Kyeong Hyang News Daily in Korea.

Louise Shelley’s research was mentioned in a blog post about Russia in The Financial Times on August 26, 2016 and she appeared on ARD TV on August 24, 2016. She also appeared in several major media outlets in Germany.

William Schneider published columns “Political Poison” in the Huffington Post, “Trump’s Economic Plan Leaves Everything Up for Grabs” in Reuters.

Trevor Thrall published “Make America (Realize It’s) Safe Again” at on August 24, 2016;  “What To Do about Syria?” at TheHill.comon August 23, 2016; “Is Keeping at Arm’s Length in Syria Obama’s Worst Mistake?” at August 15, 2016; “Syria Is Not Obama’s Worst Mistake,” at on August 11, 2016; “Trevor Thrall discusses Syria,” on the Steve Gruber show, 1240 WJIM, Lansing, MI, on August 23, 2016; and cited in “Middle Class Threatens Globalization,” in Epoch Times on July 29, 2016.

July 2016

David Hart published an op-ed on Donald Trump’s manufacturing policy proposals in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on July 14, 2016.

Louise Shelley was interviewed by the BBC Russian on corporate raiding in Russia on July 8.

Sita Slavov’s research was covered in the US News & World Report article “What’s the Healthiest Way to Retire?”

Trevor Thrall published commentaries “The Democrats’ Three-Way Split,”  in the National Interest on July 27; “Why Send More Troops to Iraq?” in the Detroit News on July 25; “The Coup and the Crackdown: Turkey and American Foreign Policy,” for the Cato Institute on July 18; “Relax. Brexit Won’t Cause the International Order to Collapse,” for The Federalist on July 1; “The Democrats’ New National Security Strategy,”  for the Huffington Post on June 29; “How Much Do Americans Really Fear ISIS?”  for the National Interest on June 28. Additional media hits include:  “Trevor Thrall discusses how terrorism has hijacked American foreign policy,” on the Steve Gruber show, 1240 WJIM, Lansing, MI on July 14; “Trevor Thrall discusses ISIS Attacks on Turkey,” VOA Turkish News on July 7; “Republicans Blew Their Chance to Attack Clinton on Benghazi,” on on June 29; and “Trevor Thrall discusses American foreign policy restraint and interventionism,”on the Steve Gruber Show, 1240 WJIM, Lansing MI on June 21.

Jennifer Victor published “What Is a Party Platform, and Why Do Candidates Often Ignore Them?” for the The Conversation on July 29.

Ming Wan was interviewed by the Radio Sputnik World Service on the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling on the South China Sea. July 13, 2016.

June 2016

Jo-Marie Burt published the article, “In Guatemala, Victims Commemorate the Third Annivesary of the Genocide Verdict,” in The Huffington Post. She also authored a commentary analyzing the impact of allegations that the leading candidate in the Peruvian presidenital contest has ties to organized for the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), a DC-based think-tank where she is a Senior Fellow. She was quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and in The Christian Science Monitor on the final results of the presidential elections in Peru.  She was quoted in an Associated Press article  on the recent approval of legislation to search for persons who were forcibly disappeared during Peru’s internal armed conflict. She was quoted in a New York Times article about war crimes investigations in Guatemala. She was quoted in TeleSur article about threats against the crusading anti-corruption Attorney General in Guatemala.

James Finkelstein was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel on UCF’s President Hitt and other college presidents getting retention bonuses. He was also quoted in the Knoxville News Sentinel on the University of Tennessee’s vacant chancellor’s post and how search firms are used to fill executive posts at universities. His research on executive search firms for universities was also quoted in a June 21 article on Marketwatch, Inside Higher Ed on June 17, and The Chronicle of Higher Education on June 17.

Andrew Hughes Hallett was featured in a WalletHub article about the health of the U.S economy, “How Is The Economy Doing? Experts Weigh In.”

Mark Katz published an article entitled, “Geopolitics and Terrorism in the 21st Century,” has been published, both in English and Portuguese, in a relatively new Portuguese magazine: Revista ORBE. He also published an article in The Arab Weekly, arguing that while Russian support for the Syrian Kurds is causing for Washington’s Mideast policy, it is also likely to cause problems for Moscow’s as well.

Mark J. Rozell was quoted in the Smithsonian Magazine article “The Complicated History Between the Press and the Presidency.” He was quoted in the New York Times article, “Sharp Fall in U.S. Hiring Saps Chance of Fed Rate Increase in June.”

William Schneider did radio and television broadcasts for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and wrote four columns for

Sita Slavov wrote a blog, “Why Uber Should Ban Tipping,” for the American Enterprise Institute.

Ming Wan appeared on Voice of America on U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, June 9, 2016.

May 2016

Daniel Druckman published “Trumps art of the international deal” in USA Today.

James Finkelstein was quoted in a Sacramento Bee article, “Three-day drama led to UC Davis chancellor’s suspension.”

David Fulton was interviewed by a leading German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine, about the Panama Papers and the International Finance Corporation. (He was IFC’s Head of USA & Canada Relations until the end of October.)

Jack Goldstone was interviewed for The Science Show on Australian Broadcasting, “Coal and the Origins of the Industrial Revolution.” He presented  “Hate Crimes and Identity Issues,”  at BRIGHT Hong Kong, April 29.

Mark J. Rozell was quoted in the Washington Times article, “White House cites executive privilege, keeps Obama adviser from testifying about Iran nuclear deal.”

William Schneider published “Yes, the nation is polarized. So why aren’t the most extreme candidates winning?” and “One secret to Trump’s political success: Donald is a ‘doer,’” and “1,237 or no 1,237, there will be no ‘brokered’ convention” in Reuters.

April 2016

Jo-Marie Burt was quoted in the New York Times on the April 10 presidential election in Peru, “Keiko Fujimori, Ex-President’s Daughter, Heads to Runoff in Peru.” Her book is cited as among the top five books to understand the 1992 coup in Peru in La República. 

Audrey Kurth Cronin was quoted in an interview with the New York Times, and published “ISIS is More than a Terrorist Group:  The Case for Treating It Like a State Sponsor,” with Foreign

Jim Finkelstein was quoted in several articles, including the lead story, “Duel Loyalties,” in Inside Higher Ed, on university presidents joining corporate boards. Dr. Finkelstein presented his research findings in a hearing about UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.

Michael V. Hayden’s  public appearances included PBS Charlie Rose, MSNBC Morning Joe, CBSNews Sunday Morning, PBS News Hour, HBO Bill Maher, Comedy Channel the Daily Show, Fox News Special Report plus Megyn Kelly, Univison Focus, BBC, Voice of America, and others.

Mark Katz was quoted in the Wall Street Journal today: “Russia Pursues Ties with Kurds to Keep Foothold in Region.” An article he wrote was translated into French:  “Les relations russo-saoudiennes : un rapprochement incertain,” for Moyen-Orient n° 30, April-June 2016.

Frank T. Manheim wrote a book review for CHOICE Magazine:   Joe S. Whitworth: Quantified: redefining conservation for the next economy, Island Press.

Jeremy Mayer wrote an article, “Gunned Down,” for The American Interest.

Mark J. Rozell (with Charles Bullock) published the article “African Americans and Contemporary Southern Politics” in The Forum, v14, I1. He wrote an op-ed (with Mitchell Sollenberger) “Policy czars already have too much power. Trump would make that worse” for the Washington Post.

William Schneider published “Betrayal is at the Heart of U.S. Politics” in Reuters, and “The Status Quo Candidate” in the Huffington Post, and “Trump Wants to Leave U.S. Allies in the Lurch” in Reuters.

Sita Slavov was quoted in an Ozy article “Can Conservatives Make American Universities Great Again?” Her research was also covered in Bottom Line Health.

Janine Wedel’s 2009 book, Shadow Elite, was used as a reference for an article in the Boston Review on the Panama Papers.

March 2016

Alan Abramson was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, March 12, in an article on problems at the nonprofit organization, the Wounded Warrior Project.

Jo-Marie Burt was an international observer to a landmark sexual violence and domestic and sexual slavery case in Guatemala. She was interviewed extensively in the press about the proceedings, including for NPR’s All Things Considered, The Guardian (January 29 and March 1), Telesur (February 18 and February 26), Al Jazeera (video February 3 and print February 25), Truth-out, CERIGUA, and Upside Down World. Her reports on the trial were published by the Open Society Justice Initiative’s International Justice Monitor. She was interviewed about Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori and the upcoming April 10 presidential elections in La República. Dr. Burt was elected to serve on the Executive Council of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), the leading international association of Latin Americanist scholars.

Audrey Kurth Cronin published a new piece in Foreign Affairs, “ISIS is More than a Terrorist Group: The Case for Treating it Like a State Sponsor.” She was quoted in a New York Times article on the Brussels terrorist attack, “As Siblings Again Unite to Unleash Terror, Experts Ask What Drives Them.”

Jim Finkelstein was quoted in an article in the Sacramento Bee, “UC President Janet Napolitano: Davis Chancellor Should Stay Despite Mistake.” He was also quoted in an article in the Arizona Daily Star, “Ann Weaver Hart Misuses UA’s Good Name in Side Job.”

David Hart was quoted in an article in Science magazine, “What’s the face of U.S. innovation? Don’t think Bill Gates.”

Mark Katz published Putin’s decision to withdraw some Russian forces from Syria, “Interpreting Putin’s Surprise Move in Syria” in Lobelog; “Regional Impact of Russia’s Drawdown from Syria” in Lobelog; –“Russian-Iranian Relations: Troubled Ties” in Lobelog; “Russia’s Costly Success in Syria” in The Arab Weekly; and “What History Suggests Will Be Russia’s Next Move in the Middle East” on the History News Network.

Phillip Magness was interviewed this morning about my research on adjunct unionization in higher education for NPR’s Marketplace.

Mark Rozell published an op-ed in the New York Daily News, “Saving the GOP from Donald Trump: Time to Recruit a Credible Conservative to Oppose Him in the General Election.” He was quoted in the Washington Post article, “Obama Administration Deals an Oil-Drilling Blow to Democratic Leaders in Virginia.” He was quoted in the Washington Post article “Clinton Wins Virginia; Trump Defeats a Strong Rubio.” He was quoted in an article on Donald Trump for the Argentinian website, Infobae America.  He was quoted in “Kasich Delays Trump Train, Takes Ohio’s 66 Delegates” on

William Schneider published “Trump ‘Winning’ by Preying on Worst Liberal and Conservative Instincts,”  “Why Republicans Hate the Republican Party so Much,”  and “The GOP Establishment has Rallied Behind a Candidate. Does it Matter?” in Reuters.

Jennifer Victor published an opinion piece, “The Clockwork Rise of Donald Trump and Reorganization of American Parties” on Vox. She was quoted in the International Business Times: “For Trump And His Republican Foes, Trade Issues Motivate Voters But Not Donors.” She was invited to join the editorial board of the American Political Science Review, the flagship journal of the discipline.

Ming Wan made a television appearance on Voice of America on the North Korea nuclear crisis and the South China Sea.

February 2016

Philip Auerswald was quoted in the Fortune article, “American Workers Try to Organize — One Click at a Time.” He recently spoke at the following events: PeaceTech Summit at USIP, the FutureWork Forum at NCSU, and at the I4J ECO Summit in Mountain View, CA co-hosted by Vint Cerf.

Ken Button appeared on BBC “Today”, February 16, in an interview regarding opening US-Cuban air services. He also spoke with Michael Levine (former Dean of Yale School of Management) regarding aircraft carbon dioxide emissions, on Knowledge@Wharton,  a daily, call-in business interview program, broadcasting live from Pennsylvania’s, Wharton School, February 11 on SiriusXM channel 111. He appeared with Rob Britton of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and the head of Airlearn) regarding “The new contract signed by global satellite operator SES SA and Wi-Fi provider Gogo Inc, and what it means for in-flight connectivity in international flight communications”, on Knowledge@Wharton,  a daily, call-in business interview program, broadcasting live from Pennsylvania’s, Wharton School, February 22, on SiriusXM channel 111.

Salim Habayeb appeared in a TV Interview on Zica Virus Transmission Prospects in USA, February 6, 2016 on the Middle East Broadcasting Networks: Al Hurra.

Siona Listokin appeared on NPR’s AirTalk today, talking about how and whether Uber should support customers.

Stuart Malawer published an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Disptatch, “Obama’s and Carter’s Iranian Hostage Agreements.”

Frank Manheim published three book review for CHOICE magazine: Brecher, Jeremy. Climate insurgency: a strategy for survival. Paradigm Publishers, 2015. 162 p; Nuccitelli, Dana. Climatology versus pseudoscience: exposing the failed predictions of global warming skeptics. Praeger, 2015. 212p; and Climate change and the coast: building resilient communities, [ed.] by Bruce C. Glavovic et al. CRC Press, 2015. 562p.

Jeremy Mayer appeared on ABC News WJLA, speaking about the election.

Mark Rozell published an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Why Trump Probably wins Virginia.” Dean Rozell published an op-ed in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Key to the Primary: Evangelicals Could Hold Cards.” He co-wrote an article in the Southern Political Report, “African-Americans: Bulwark of the Southern Democratic Primaries,” and published an op-ed with the same title in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  Dean Rozell co-wrote an op-ed in The Hill, “Taking Executive Privilege too Far.” Dean Rozell published an op-ed in the New York Daily News, “How Trump’s winning the religious right.” He was quoted in the Washington Post articles: “Meet the ‘Nones,’ the Democratic Party’s Biggest Faith Constituency,” “After Strong Debate Performance, Marco Rubio Makes Virginia Push,” and “Virginia is Supposed to be Clinton Country. Just Don’t Tell that to Sanders.” He was quoted in the Voice of America article, “How Majority of Americans Are Shut Out of US Presidential Race.” He was quoted in a major Korean newspaper about the 2016 presidential election. He was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor article, “How Southern States are Now Challenging Gay Marriage.” He was quoted in TribLive’s “Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Death Throws a Wrench in Presidential Race.” He was quoted in The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s “Ready, Set, Run: Primary Season Starts in Virginia Ahead of Super Tuesday.” He was quoted in the International Business Times article, “Why Do Evangelical Christians Love Donald Trump?”

Bill Schneider published in Reuters, “How Antonin Scalia’s Death Reshapes the 2016 election,” “Electability, Schmelectability: It’s the Year of the Angry, Angry Voter,” “Trump, the GOP’s Spleen, is Ripe for Surgery,” and “Donald Trump Becomes the Choice of the Republican Establishment.”

Louise Shelley wrote an op-ed “Slavery Infuses Supply Chains, Demanding Closer Scrutiny by Companies” for Brink News. She was quoted in a German publication about ISIS. Dr. Shelley was quoted in the Canadian Broadcasting System’s “Criminal Organization, Religious Extremists? Words Matter when it Comes to ISIS.” She was also quoted in one of the major intellectual public policy reviews of Italy. It comes from Limes, Issue no 11, 2015, La Strategia della Paura (the Strategy of Fear). She recently gave a talk in Berlin on Terrorist Financing at a conference entitled “Eurasia and Armed Radicalism,” organized by the NATO Defense College Foundation and the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Trevor Thrall published an article in The Diplomat, “Past or Prologue? What North Korea Teaches Us about Iran’s Nuclear Program.”

Jennifer Victor wrote an op-ed in the NY Times’ Room for Debate section, Does Money Really Matter in Politics, titled “An Arms Race with Limited Impact.” She wrote an op-ed for Vox, “If Trump and Sanders Win in Iowa and New Hampshire, Will They be the Nominees?” She was quoted in The Weekly Standard article, “Republicans Have the Advantage on Voter Enthusiasm.”

January 2016

Alan Abramson wrote an op-ed “5 Ways to Increase Nonprofit-Advocacy Clout” in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley published “The Bioweapons Convention: A New Approach,” in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Jo-Marie Burt was quoted in The New York Times’ “Guatemala Arrests Former Military Officers in Connection with Massacres.” She was also quoted in the Christian Science Monitor’s “Convicted American leaves Peru where terrorism’s shadow persists.”

Audrey Kurth Cronin was interviewed in The Diplomat, a highly-regarded and widely-read Asian newspaper, discussing radical Islam in Asia.

Salim Habayeb was named by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg as one of her role models in an interview in Quora.

James Finkelstein was quoted in the Dayton Daily News, “Millions Paid to Find University Talent;” and in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “In UGA Coach Deal, Field Performance Outweighs Academics.”

Mark Katz wrote an article on Russian geopolitical strategy in the Mediterranean was published in both French and Spanish versions in the Winter 2015/2016 issue of Afkar/Ideas (a journal published by the European Institute of the Mediterranean). He was also one of two people interviewed on Russian strategy for an article in the Dutch newspaper, De Volksrant, published December 31.

Gregory Koblentz was quoted in USA Today, “Army Anthrax Revelations Raise Oversight Concerns.

Mark Rozell wrote the following op-eds: “Primaries are What Keep the GOP Out of the White House” (Reuters); and “Can a GOP Senator Win the White House?” (The Hill). He was quoted in the Christian Science Monitor’s “Have Trump Voters Been Failed by GOP’s Reagan-Style Economics?”; Voice of America’s “Should Iowas and New Hampshire Have So Much Sway in Presidential Politics?”; The Washington Post’s “Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Republican Loyalty Pledge in Virginia;” The Daily Press’s “New Congressional Districts a Breeze for Scott, a Challenge for Forbes;” TribLIVE Mobile’s “Senator Casey Call for Stricter Gun Control Measures;” The Daily Press’ “Budget, Health Care Will Again Dominate Virginia General Assembly;” The Washington Post’s “McAuliffe to Unveil Budget Plan;” and The International Business Times’ “GOP’s Anti-Muslim Sentiment Is A Long Way From The Tone Of George W. Bush In 2001.”

Bill Schneider published “Why a Demagogue Is More Dangerous Today” in The Huffington Post; “The boost Republicans are getting from attacking ‘political correctness’” in Reuters; “Obama’s Terror Speech Perfectly Highlights Reasons for Trump’s Rise” in Reuters.

Louise Shelley wrote an op-ed in The Guardian, “How to Beat Islamic State? Crack Down on Cigarette Smuggling.” She authored an op-ed for the New York Times on varying funding and financial needs of ISIS in the Middle East versus its terrorist activities in the West. She was quoted in the New York Times’ “US Pours Millions into Fighting Poachers in South Africa.” Dr. Shelley is quoted in Politico on European networks involved in the recent terror attacks in Paris. Dr. Shelley was quoted in New York Times story on how ISIS makes money from taxing and extorting payments from people living under its control.

Trevor Thrall’s recent publications include: “Trump Versus the World,” (Cato); “The 2016 Presidential Candidate Intervention Meter,” (Cato); and “Don’t Let Hawks Exploit Terrorism Fears,” (

Jennifer Victor published “A Science-Backed New Year’s Resolution to Help Fix American Politics” on

Janine Wedel published “We Need to Clean Up Our Understanding of Corruption” in New America.

November 2015

Zoltan Acs was quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education and CNBC.

Audrey Kurth Cronin was the first expert approached by NPR’s Weekend Edition (live host interview with Scott Simon), who called at 6AM on Saturday morning, following the Paris attacks. Since the Paris attacks, she has also provided analysis for NPR’s All Things Considered, The New York Times, and the Diane Rehm Show.

Colin Dueck’s new book, The Obama Doctrine: American Grand Strategy Today, was described as “required reading for 2016 presidential candidates and their staffs” in a review in the November issue of Foreign Affairs.

Mark Katz published “Russian Intervention in the Syrian Civil War” in the Russian Analytical Digest; and “Convergent Hopes, Divergent Realities: Russia and the Gulf in a Time of Troubles” by the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington.

Robert J. McGrath published an article, with Jon C. Rogowski, and Josh M. Ryan, “Gubernatorial Veto Powers and the Size of Legislative Coalitions” in Legislative Studies Quarterly 40(4): 571-598.

Mark J. Rozell, Dean, published “Obama-Clinton emails: No basis for withholding from Congress” in The Hill, November 6, 2015 (with Mitchell A. Sollenberger);  “Primaries are what keep the GOP out of the White House” in Reuters, October 28, 2015 (with Paul Goldman); “How Ryan outfoxed the Freedom Caucus” in The Hill, October 27, 2015 (with Paul Goldman); “Why the Democratic Party wins if Biden runs” on, October 19, 2015 (with Paul Goldman); and “How to solve the House speaker fight” in Reuters, October 14, 2015 (with Paul Goldman).

William Schneider published “Fear Throws its Hat into the Ring for 2016 Race,” “Yes, the Media is to Blame for the GOP Primary Mess,” “NRA May be Losing its Grip on the Public’s Imagination,” and “Republican Candidates Field a Resistance Movement Against Change” in Reuters.

Louise Shelley wrote an op-ed in the New York Times on November 20 on ISIS funding, and how to defeat it. She has recently discussed her research on terrorism and human trafficking in The New York Times; CBC; Marketplace on NPR; Frankfurter Allgemeine, a major German paper; Le Figaro; Le Vif, a major Belgium magazine; Languedoc-Roussillon in France; Radio Anch’io, the Italian Public Radio; Radio Radicale; First Online; and Adnkronos.

Trevor Thrall published “Syria will be the next Vietnam-style war if Obama doesn’t learn from history” in The Guardian, “Afghanistan Echoes Vietnam Again, as the Credibility Gap Looms” in the National Interest, and “Let the Syrian Refugees In – All of Them” in The Atlantic. Dr. Thrall  made radio appearances on Gary Nova Radio Show (11/17), WBAL and WWL (11/18) to discuss the Paris attacks, US strategy, and the refugee crisis.

Ming Wan was a guest on CCTV America, The Heat: President Xi’s visits to Vietnam and Singapore, November 13, 2015; and was interviewed by the Radio Sputnik World Service on the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling on the South China Sea. October 30, 2015.

October 2015

Audrey Kurth Cronin co-authored “The Dangerous Digital Divide,” for The National Interest, and wrote “Blood Year: Correspondence,” for Quarterly Essay.

Robert Deitz wrote an op-ed on cybersecurity legal issues in the Washington Times. He also appeared on CNBC to discuss Carly Fiorina’s foreign policy.

Stephen Fuller was listed in The Washington Business Journal Power 100 of 2015.

Justin Gest wrote an op-ed “Strange Bedfellows: Donald Trump and the White Working Class.” Dr. Gest was interviewed for Bill Grieder’s article on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in The Nation.

Mark Katz wrote “Assessing Putin’s Fight Them There Not Here Strategy in Syria;” “Who is Putin Really Protecting Assad From?” for Lobelog. Dr. Katz was quoted in the Washington Post on October 2.

Jeremy Mayer published an essay “Reading Coates, Thinking Obama” in The American Interest.

Tonya Neaves wrote “Making Full Circle: The Importance of Mentoring” for the PA Times in October.

Paul Posner was quoted in the Politico article, “Welcome to CR Hell.”

Mark J. Rozell co-wrote “Why the Democratic Party Wins if Biden Runs” for; “How to Solve the House Speaker Fight” in Reuters; “Illegal Immigrants Could Elect Hillary” for Politico; and Presidential Unilateralism Run Amuck” in The Hill. Dean Rozell was quoted in the Richmond Times Dispatch on Jim Webb’s potential bid to run as an independent candidate for president.

Bill Schneider wrote “Why Sincere Isn’t a Real Qualification for Office” in Reuters, and “Victim or Sell?” for the Huffington Post.

Louise Shelley was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article, “Lawsuit Says Manhattan Real Estate Was Used to Launder Money.”

Dr. Shelley was also quoted in the Housing News Report’s article, “Are Foreigners Stashing Billionin U.S. Real Estate?”

Sita Slavov’s study on retirement received media coverage in Bloomberg and U.S. News Money.

Heidi Smith published the article, “Micro-Incentives and Municipal Behavior: Political Decentralization and Fiscal Federalism in Argentina and Mexico,” with Keith D. Revell in World Development (2016), pp. 231-248.

Trevor Thrall wrote “To Russia with Love: Why Obama Should be Glad Russia is Getting Involved in Syria” for the Cato Institute; “Is the World Really on Fire? The GOP Wannabes Think So” for Newsweek; “The Interventionist Itch” for Cato; and “Let the Syrian Refugees In – All of Them” for The Atlantic. Dr. Thrall was interviewed on Park City TV Mountain Morning Show on October 20 to talk about millennials and U.S. foreign policy.

September 2015

Alan Abramson appeared on the Arlington Independent Media (AIM) TV channel talking about nonprofit organizations on the show, “In Conversation.”

Terry Clower was featured in an article in the Capital Business section of the Washington Post on August 28. Dr. Clower is the new Director of Mason’s Center for Regional Analysis.

James Finkelstein was quoted in the Iowa City Press-Citizen on an article about Iowa University’s presidency: “UI’s Harreld Will Fail without Faculty Support.” Dr. Finkelstein was also quoted in a BuzzFeed News article: “How Bad Leadership Cost America One of Its Only Free Universities.”

Jessica Heineman-Pieper was featured in WalletHub’s recent study about 2015’s best & worst Community Colleges.

Mark Katz’s recently published articles include: “Ukraine and the Future of NATO” for the Aljazeera Center for Studies, “Closer Ties between Russia and Egypt” and “Saudi-Russian Cooperation: To Be or Not to Be?” in The Arab Weekly, and “Russian Anxieties about the Iranian Nuclear Accord” in Lobelog.

Gregory Koblentz was also quoted in several articles: “Report of Secret Side-Deal with Iran Roils Already Intense Nuke Vote” in The Canadian Press; “Latest Military Lab Concerns Involve Plague Bacteria Deadly Viruses” in USA Today; and “Nuclear Weapons in South Asia” in Deutsch Welle.

Mark J. Rozell co-wrote an op-ed with Joseph Fornieri for The Hill: Presidential Unilateralism Run Amuck.” Dean Rozell was also quoted in an AP article on Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s passing on a bid for governor.

Bill Schneider published “Weekend at Bernie’s 2” in the Huffington Post, “Might as Well Butter Him, Trump is Toast” and “What Would a Rush Limbaugh Campaign for President Look Like? Ask Donald Trump” in Reuters.

Trevor Thrall published an op-ed, “The U.S. Obsession with Victory is Dangerous” at on September 4.

Ming Wan was interviewed by Radio Voice of Russia on the Yuan devaluation in August.

August 2015

Ahsan Butt published “Guns and Butter in Pakistan” in Foreign Policy, and “Do nuclear weapons affect the guns-butter trade-off? Evidence on nuclear substitution from Pakistan and beyond” in Conflict, Security, and Development.

Mark Katz published “Putin Ignoring China Threat” in the Moscow Times; “The Geopolitics of the Gulf after the Iranian Nuclear Accord” in Shargh (Iranian reformist newspaper); “America and Iran: Can the Nuclear Deal Lead to Rapprochement?” in the National Interest Online; and “Moscow and Ryadh: Send a Message to Washington?” in The Arab Weekly.

Philip Magness published “How should libertarians think about the Civil War?” in Newsweek.

Hilton Root published “China’s $100 Billion Infrastructure Bank: Bumpy Road Ahead” in The Fiscal Times in May.

Mark J. Rozell published the op-eds “Why Trump is Good for the GOP” in Politico and “Congress and the President Need to Step Up on Highway Funding” in The Hill (co-written with Charles Keckler).

Louise Shelley appeared on various international media outlets discussing illicit trade and terrorism, including: Tageblatt (Luxembourg), L’Opinion (France), Soha News (Vietnam), Kronikk (Norway), La Prensa Grafica (El Salvador), El Economista (Guatemala), Business World (Ireland), and Al Jazeera.

Bill Schneider published “What makes Donald Trump a new kind of candidate,” “Why Donald Trump’s hostile takeover bid for the Republican Party is a loser,” and “Why the Democratic nomination race won’t be a Clinton coronation” in Reuters; and “Say it Ain’t So Joe” and “Walker = Bush” in the Huffington Post.

Trevor Thrall published an op-ed “Millennials Support Iran Deal” in the Philadelphia Inquirer and “Millennials on Foreign Policy: More Cooperation, Less Use of Force” in Newsweek.


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