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Hyeon Yeo

Affiliate Professor and Distinguished Senior Fellow
Hyeon Yeo


973-387-5777(USA), 82-10-9296-6775(Korea)

Founders Hal, Fifth Floor (Room 504)
3351 Fairfax Drive, MS 3B1
Arlington, VA 22201



YEO’s experience includes academia, government, journalism, and international organizations. He was presidential staff and ministerial advisors (government: presidential house, justice, industry & resources, and education), editorial writer (media), CEO & consultant (business and international organizations), and dean (academia) of Graduate School in Seoul, as well as Professor& Chief Operating Officer, University of Aberdeen International Campus, visiting professor of business school at Colorado State University, visiting scholars of University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University. 

In addition to the above experience, he was a member of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Bid Advisory Committee; consultant & senior advisor for World Economic Forum (well known as “Davos Forum”) in Switzerland, and for the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). The GRI is Amsterdam-based respected international institute. He is senior advisor for EAC Valuations LLC (Pennsylvania, USA).

As the author of several inspirational books and articles such as Blockchain, Humanities, and Business in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2019), “The logic and types of the corporate participation in international development cooperation”(2015), Captivate (2011), On Social Responsibility: A Study for Integration between ‘Corporate Principle’ and ‘Social Principle’ and its Meaning in Korea (2010), Comparison on international cases in 3-D negotiation method: Ways of Resolution and its Limit (2010), Power driven by the Lack (2008), Korea Confronts The Future-Korea’s Vision for the future (2005, co-author), Reading Seoul (2006), Recognition of history around the liberation age in Korea (2006 and 1987, co-author), he is working on new books. YEO is currently leading a research team of Think-tank Institute (Future Think Net) for the National Assembly’s future agenda in Korea. He has been interested in Neuropolitics and EI-based leadership. After having completed at Yonsei University (Ph.D., MA, BA of arts in political science), he is doing research on leadership development as a Post-graduate Program (MBA) at Penn State University.

Areas of Research

  • Sharing Economy, Business, and Policy in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Smart City Planning and Smart Education
  • Cognitive Psychology-based AI Learning in Antagonism
  • Cognitive Psychology and Decision-making
  • Leadership Development for management
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Studies
  • International and Regional Development Cooperation
  • CSR (Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship)
  • Creative Business from the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid)