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Anne Washington

Assistant Professor of Public Policy



3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Fax: 703-993-8215


Anne L. Washington is a digital government scholar. Her research improves access to public sector information by investigating the social dynamics that shape the production and consumption of information. Her research on government data positions her to engage substantively in public administration and policy, yet her core academic audiences are in management information systems and information science. This interdisciplinary approach positions digital government within policy processes, informatics, and technology management.

Her research on digital government has been generously funded. In 2016 she was awarded an NSF grant to investigate U.S. federal policy on open government data. In 2012 she was the first U.S. citizen to be invited as a fellow with the Peter Pribilla Foundation at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management where she completed a study on innovation in government technology. In 2012 she was a co Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation grant, PoliInformatics, that built research capacity for data intensive research in political science. The PInet project introduced a new field Political Informatics, to encourage the use of open government data in computational and social sciences. In 2010 she received a two year fellowship to complete her dissertation on search technology available to House and Senate Congressional staffers.

She teaches courses on organizational ethnography, socio-technical analysis, collaborative technology, and electronic government. She is one of the core faculty for the ODKM Organizational Development and Knowledge Management program. She was trained in interpretive research methods but her work also draws on intensive text analysis and other computational tools to process semi-structured and unstructured documents. She completed a degree in computer science at Brown University and a Masters in Library Information Science (MLIS) degree at Rutgers University. Prior to completing her doctorate at The George Washington University School of Business, she had extensive work experience in information architecture and information technology after years with the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress, Barclays Global Investors, Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors and Apple Computer. She has also served on the United Nations World E-parliament Working Group on XML in Parliament, the OASIS LegalXML technical committee of citations, and Federal Web Managers Council’s Usability Task Force. She was an invited expert to the W3C E-Government Interest Group and the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group.

At the broadest level, her work considers the impact of technology on society through the lens of digital record keeping. Her recent interest in big data brings her expertise to the emerging policy and governance needs of data science.

Areas of Research

  • Big Data Policy
  • E-Government
  • Organizations
  • Public Law
  • Public Management
  • Science and Technology Policy
  • Transparency
  • U.S. Politics