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Delton T. Daigle

Assistant Professor
Delton T. Daigle



Research Hall Room 361, MSN: 3F4
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030




Dr. Daigle is a 2010 PhD graduate of The Ohio State University where his dissertation examined the effects of ambient political information, particularly public opinion polls, on driving support for candidates (the “bandwagon effect”) in Canada and the US. Recent research Dr. Daigle has been involved with includes the forthcoming “Populism, Nativism, and Uncertainty” which examines the 2017 elections in the UK, France, and Germany. He has been involved in numerous impactful surveys recently, designing a survey (with Stefan Toepler) that has been widely cited by the GAO in calling for reform of the banking constraints on State Department sympathetic non-profits. Currently, he has begun working with the Smithsonian Magazine and Stars and Stripes to survey active duty service members currently deployed. Daigle is also currently under contract with Sage/CQ Press to develop an all new research methods text book and additional materials, expected out around the Fall of 2020.

Dr. Daigle currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in political research methodology and an undergraduate course in political psychology. Dr. Daigle also has an MA in Political Science (American, Methods) with a graduate specialization in survey research from The Ohio State University in 2005, an MA in Political Science from McGill University (2002), and a BA in Political Science from Brock University (1996).