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Roger R. Stough

University Professor
Roger R. Stough



3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Fax: 703-993-5027



Roger Stough is a University Professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government and is currently on study leave.

Roger Stough’s educational background includes a BS in International Trade and Economics from Ohio State University; an MA in Economic Geography from the University of South Carolina; and a Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Associate Dean Stough has an extensive publication record, including several hundred scholarly and professional publications, 36 books and nearly 100 journal articles. Associate Dean Stough also has a wide range of graduate and undergraduate teaching experience, with over 30 years logged in eight separate institutions (including Johns Hopkins University, University of South Carolina, Indiana University, Leiden and Erasmus Universities in the Netherlands, George Mason University). He has extensive experience working with the local, state, regional, national communities and international groups. He chairs a number of task forces, and advises a wide range of external programs and university policy boards.

Associate Dean for Research Stough is the principal investigator on numerous grants and contracts which have totaled more than $50,000,000 from various agencies including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Research and Special Projects Administration (USDOT), the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the National Technology Information Administration, NASA, U.S. Department of Justice, Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology, the National Science Foundation and numerous state and local agencies.

While the local National Capital Region is an empirical laboratory for much of his research, he has extensive research and consulting experience nationally and internationally. He has participated in technology policy seminars and university programs and published widely in Asia, Europe and North America. He has established a diversity of research, student and faculty research exchange programs with universities and research laboratories in Asia, Europe and Australia. Finally, He founded and directed various degree programs (from the undergraduate to the Ph.D. level) and several research centers.

Areas of Research

  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Regional Development
  • Transportation Policy
  • Urban Policy