Faculty Directory: S

  • Photo of Matthew Scherer

    Associate Professor

    Areas of Research: Democratization, Political Theory, United States, Religion, Secularism, Constitutionalism
  • Photo of Laurie Schintler

    Associate Professor of Public Policy; Director, Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics, Masters Program; Associate Director of Center for the Study of International Medical Policies and Practices

    Areas of Research: Gender, Quantitative Methods, Regional Development, Science and Technology Policy, Transportation Policy, Social Media, “Big Data,” Information Technology
  • Photo of Bill Schneider

    Professor of Public Policy and Public and International Affairs

    Areas of Research: Elections, Mass Media, Political Communication, Public Opinion, U.S. Politics
  • Photo of Frank H. Shafroth

    Instructor/Director, Center for State and Local Government Leadership

    Areas of Research: Federalism/State and Local Government, Leadership, Public Administration, Regional Development, Transportation Policy, Urban Policy, Municipal Bankruptcy, The Disruptive Economy, Ethics
  • Photo of Alan R. Shark

    Associate Professor

    Areas of Research: Technology Leadership in Government, Civic Media and Digital Service Delivery, IT Governance, Cyber Security Policy and Governance
  • Photo of Louise I. Shelley

    Omer L. and Nancy Hirst Professor of Public Policy, University Professor; Director, Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center

    Areas of Research: Corruption, Human Trafficking, Illicit Trade, International Security, Soviet Successor States, Terrorism, Transnational Crime
  • Photo of J.P. Singh


    Areas of Research: Global Political Economy, Cultural Economics, Global Governance and Development, Socio-economic Impact of Information Technologies, Global Diplomacy and Deliberations
  • Photo of Sita Nataraj Slavov

    Professor of Public Policy; Director, Doctoral Program in Public Policy

    Areas of Research: Economic Policy, Microeconomics, Economics of Aging, Political Economy, Public Finance, Quantitative Methods
  • Photo of Rainer Sommer

    Associate Professor of Public Policy and Enterprise Engineering

    Areas of Research: Business Process Analysis, Change Management, Enterprise Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Industrial Organization, Transportation Policy
  • Photo of Jessica Srikantia

    Term Associate Professor

    Areas of Research: Leadership; Organizations; International Development; Democratization; Education Policy; Globalization, Structural Violence, and De-Globalization; Critical Management Studies; Peace and Justice Studies