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Jack High

Professor Emeritus
Jack High



3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1
Arlington, Virginia 22201

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Jack High is Professor Emeritus at George Mason University. He is the author or editor of several books on economics and business, including Maximizing, Action, and Market Adjustment (1988), A Nation in Debt (1990); A Century of the Sherman Antitrust Act (1990); Regulation (1991), The Politics of Purity (1999), Competition (2001), and Humane Economics (2007). He has also published numerous articles in professional journals, including “Bork’s Paradox,” Contemporary Policy Studies, “The Costs of Economical Writing,” Economic Inquiry, “Wiley, Whiskey, and Strategic Behavior,” Business History Review, “American Economic Thought,” Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century. His most recent research monograph is “Economics and the Rise of Big Business, 1870-1910.”

Professor High has served in several administrative posts during his academic career. He has been director of economic graduate studies, chairman of the Program on Social and Organizational Learning, director of the Market Process Center, and acting dean of the School of Business, all at George Mason University. He also edited Business History Review while at Harvard University.

Professor High’s current research and teaching interests are international business and entrepreneurship. Besides George Mason, he has taught at Harvard University, Georgetown University, Charles University in Prague, and the University of Hong Kong.

Areas of Research

  • Economic Growth, History and Regulation
  • International Institutions
  • International Trade and Investment