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Jean Paelinck - CV

Distinguished Service Professor
Jean Paelinck - CV


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Doctor of Law of Liège University (Belgium) maxima cum laude (1953), Master in Economcs and Master in Commercial and Financial Science, also maxima cum laude (1954);

Beginning research worker of the Belgian National Scientific Research Foundation (1956-1958), research fellow of that Foundation (1958-1959);

1958 1959 : research student, Cambridge University (England), Department of Applied Economics, Professor Sir Richard Stone (Economics Nobel Laureate) having been his supervisor.

Jean Paelinck, of Belgian citizenship, was born on July 4th 1930 at Antwep, and is married to Juliette Hulsmans, master in Chemistry; they have three children and four grandchildren.

Jean Paelinck Award in Regional Science
In 2014 the council of the Regional Science Association International created the Jean Paelinck Award in Regional Science for longstanding research in regional science; it was bestowed for the first time in 2015 on professor Manfred Fisher of Vienna University.

Professor at Lille (France) University Faculties (1959-1963), lecturing on Business Economics;

Professor at Paris University (1959-1968), lecturing and giving seminars on development economics, economic programming and international trade;

Professor at Namur (Belgium) University Faculties (1963-1971), Economics Faculty Dean (1969-1971), lecturing on mathematical economics, econometrics, mathematical programming and spatial economic theory. He directed :

  • the Economic Research Centre, CERUNA;
  • its scientific publications on mathematical economics, econometrics, European economics and spatial economics.

Professor at Louvain University (1971-1974), lecturing on spatial market analysis;

Emeritus professor (1995) of the Faculty of Economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands), where he lectured since 1969 on theoretical spatial economics and chaired (1969-1991) that department; chairman of the University Steering Committee on Interdisciplinary Research (1978 1991); chairman of the interfaculty course on negotiation (1988-1995); chairman of the International Relations Committee of the Faculty of Economics (1988-1995).

Visiting Professorships
Bristol University, 1968, econometrics;

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1968-1969), lecturing on spatial, regional and urban economics;

Laval University (Québec, Canada), 1968, 1969, 1971 and 1973, econometrics;

Moncton University (Canada), 1975, econometrics;

Canterbury University, 1972, spatial economics;

Karlsruhe University (Germany), 1970, 1972 and 1974, spatial economics;

Furthermore : Universities of Aix en Provence, Bocconi (Milan), Bogotá (Colombia, Universidad de los Andes), Caracas (Venezuela), Central School of Planning and Statistics (Warsaw), Dijon (France(, ESSEC (Paris), Ghent (Belgium), Gdansk (Poland), INRS Urbanisation (Montréal), Katowice, Lódz (Poland), Poitiers, Poznan (Poland),….; since 1995 : Munich University, Center for Economic Studies (1995); George Mason University, School of Public Policy, USA, Visiting Distinguished Professor (1996, 1997, 1999, 2000); Nagoya City University, Faculty of Economics, Japan (1996); Xi’an University (PRC), 2000.

Academic Distinctions
Fellow of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, Mass.;

President of the “Association Rhodanienne pour l’Avancement de l’Econométrie” (ARAE);

President of the scientific committee of the “Laboratoire Associé URA 342”, CNRS, Paris and of the GS Santé, Lyons;

Honorary president of the “Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française”, Paris ; lifelong member of its Board of Administrators;

Honorary president of the “DELTA” seminar (Universities of Bourgogne, Louvain-la-Neuve and Rotterdam);

Former president of the Regional Science Association, Philadelphia;

Former president of the Belgian Statistical Society, Brussels;

Former president of the European Association of Applied Economics (ASEPELT), Geneva;

Former president of the Applied Econometrics Association (AEA);

Member of the Board of Administrators of the “Institut de Mathématiques Economiques”, Dijon (France);

Member of the “Conseil Scientifique de l’INRS”, Québec, 1981 1984 ;

Member of the Economic Scientific Committee of the National Foundation for Scientific Reserach, Brussels (1990-1995);

Member of the Board of Spatial Studies and professor, Carlos III University, Madrid (1990-1992);

Doctor honoris causa of the University of Poitiers, France, 1981;

Doctor honoris causa of the Academy of Economics at Katowice, Poland, 1987;

Doctor honoris causa of the University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France, 1988;

Doctor honoris causa of the University of Ghent, Belgium, 1989;

Doctor honoris causa of the University of Geneva, 1992;

Doctor honoris causa of the School of Economics, Warsaw, 1993;

Doctor honoris causa of the University of Gdansk, Poland, 1993;

Corresponding person of the section “Economie politique, statistique, finances” of the “Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques de l’Institut de France”, Paris;

Corresponding member of the “Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung”, Hannover;

Member of the scientific council of the “Pôle Universitaire Européen de Lille”, France;

Research Fellow of the Tinbergen Institute, Rotterdam , 1993; Honorary Research Fellow, since 1995;

Fourth recipient of the “Founder’s Medal” of the Regional Science Association International, 1996, and first recipient of the medal of the “Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française”, 1996;

External expert for the evaluation of the lecturing and research unit (UER) “Economie et Société” of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 1997;

Recipient of the Walter Isard Award of the North American Regional Science Council, for distinguished scholarly achievements in the field of Regional Science, 1998;

Research Fellow of the Center for Economic Studies, University of Munich, since 1999;

Has his name attached to the Research Center on spatial econometrics (Hispalink) at the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid.

Founding Fellow of the Regional Science association International (2001), Fellow of the Western Regional Science Association, U.S.A., (2003) and Founding Fellow of the Spatial Econometrics Association (2006).

Has his name attached to the two-yearly international seminar on spatial econometrics organised by the Department of Economic Analysis of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zaragoza. (2001);

European Prize in Regional Science 2003 of the European Regional Science Association.

Vice-President, Spatial Econometrics Association, 2006.

Honorary member of the “Rotterdams Studenten Gezelschap”, 1986, and of the “Ruimtelijk Economisch Dispuut”, 1995.

Activities in Applied Economics
Member of the Belgian Programming Bureau (1959-1963), in charge of the construction of the econometric model underpinning the development program 1959 1965;

Head of the Division of Structures of the Commission of the European Economic Communities (1963- 1965), in charge of the elaboration of the econometric model to support the decisions on Medium Term Economic Policy of the Communities;

Director of the Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI), secretary of its Board of Administrators, 1969- 1992;

Expert for the following organisations:

  • OECD 1966 1986, active participation in the elaboration of development reports, national and regional, for Portugal, Greece and Yougoslavia (annual missions to Portugal since 1966 up to 1990, to Yougoslavia in 1972, 1973 and 1974, and to Greece in 1972 and 1973);
  • UN: missions to Chili in 1966 and 1968, CEPAL, Santiago de Chili;
  • PNUD: Burkina Faso (1988), Mali (1989), Senegal (1989, 1991), Cameroon (1992);
  • FAO in 1974: Banja Luka, Yougoslavia;
  • BIRD in 1976: Tunis;
  • Foreign Affairs (The Netherlands): Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Indonesia.

Member and secretary of the Board of Administrators of the Maritime Economic Research Centre, Rotterdam, 1985 1990;

Member of the Working Group of the European Economic Communities “T. Padoa Schioppa”, 1986 1987;

Member of Editing Boards
AEA & Macmillan, Series in Applied Econometrics;
Cahiers Scientifiques des Transports ;
Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies;
Revue d’Economie Politique;
Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine;
Région et Développement;
Health and System Science
Estudios de Economía Applicada
Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics

Languages Mastered
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish : perfect fluency; furthermore operational knowledge of chinese, greek , japanese, polish; knowledgeable about five or six other languages.

Honorific Distinctions
Chevalier de l’Ordre de le Couronne, Belgium, 1971;

Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw, The Netherlands, 1994.

Musical Activities
Has been between 1945 and 1948 a student if Louis Closson’s, and, at the end, of his piano class at Liège Conservatory of Music; he gave regular piano recitals, but now more occasionally; one contribution to the musical activities at the Erasmus University Rotterdam is his recording of Mendelsohn’s first Prelude and Fugue. He is also a composer; among his works appear a “Chemical Sonatina” for cello and piano, a piano Toccata (“in FORTRAN style”), a “Petite mosaique pour trois instruments”, the “Erasmus” march composed on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (for symphonic orchestra, with carillon transcription), a march composed for the University of Geneva to thank that institution for awarding him a honorary Ph.D., and several other marches. Recently (1999) he composed a piano piece in memory of Nobel Laureate Wassily Leontief. He was for years the secretary-treasurer of the Foundation for the promotion of student musical activities, of which he is now a Honorary Member, as he is of Erasmusica, the Erasmus University students’ orchestra.


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