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John Gordon IV

Adjunct Professor


703-413-1100, ext 5269

1200 South Hayes Street
Arlington, Virginia 22202

Fax: 703-413-8111



John Gordon completed a bachelors degree in History from The Citadel in 1977, Masters of Arts in International Relations from St Mary’s University in 1988, MBA from Marymount University in 1996, and a PhD in Public Policy from George Mason University in 2005. The subject of his dissertation was the QuaProfessorennial Defense Review process.

He joined RAND in 1997 following a 20-year U.S. Army career. While in the Army, he served as a field artillery officer. He participated in the 1994-95 Roles and Missions Commission, the 1996-97 QuaProfessorennial Defense Review, and the Deep Attack Weapons Mix Study, all while on the Army Staff in the Pentagon. Since joining RAND, he has participated in and led numerous studies for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the Departments of the Army and Navy. Professor Gordon has authored or co-authored numerous RAND reports. He has led or participated in RAND research projects for the governments of the Sweden, Italy, and Germany. The projects for European clients have included assessments of the strategic challenges that each nation faced and the adequacy of their national force structures and modernization plans to adProfessoress those challenges. He has also authored over 20 articles on defense topics in professional journals.

Professor Gordon is also an adjunct professor at both Georgetown and George Mason Universities, teaching courses in counterinsurgency, federalism, and modern conventional military operations.