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John S. Earle - CV

John S. Earle - CV



3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Fax: 703-993-8215



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Center for Micro-Economic Policy Research (CMEPR) and Micro-Economic Policy Seminars (MEPS)

Stanford University. Ph.D. in Economics (1988); M.A. (1986). National Science Graduate Fellowship. Distinction awards on comprehensive exams.

Oberlin College and Conservatory. B.A. in Economics, B.Mus. in Piano (1980). National Merit Scholarship. Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Kappa Lambda.


Academic Positions and Affiliations
George Mason University – Schar School of Policy and Government (Arlington). Professor (since 2010). Director,

Center for Micro-Economic Policy Research, (since 2013). Director, Division of Economic and Regional Analysis (2014-15).

Central European University – Department of Economics (Budapest). Professor (since 2000); Assoc. Prof. (1995-2000); Asst. Prof. (1991-95). Academic Director (1993-95). Labor Project Director (1994-2013). PhD Program Director (2003-06). PhD Committee Member (2000-13).

Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). Research Fellow (since 1999).

Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Research Associate (since 2008).

Economics Education and Research Consortium. Member of the Working Group on Households and Labor Markets (1997-present). Member of the International Advisory Board (since 2007).

Comparative Economic Studies, Member of the Editorial Board (since 2012).

Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Senior Economist (2001-2010).

Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland). SIRE Professor of Economics (2007-8).

Kyiv School of Economics, member of the International Advisory Board (2003-2011).

Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm Institute for Transition Economics (SITE) and Department of Economics. Associate Professor (1997-2001).

Stanford University, Department of Economics. Visiting Associate Professor (1995-2000). Acting Assistant Professor (1990-94). Acting Instructor (autumn 1987).

Stanford University, Institute for International Studies. Research Associate (1995-97).


Other Experience and Affiliations
Association for Comparative Economic Studies. Executive Committee member (by election, 2007-2010). President (2011).

Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (CAED). Member of the Executive Committee (Chair, 2006-08).

World Bank. Consultant on labor markets in Saudi Arabia (2016); skills demand (2010-11); infrastructure and firm location in Europe and Central Asia (2008); productivity growth in Europe and Central Asia (2006-7); capacity-building in economics research and education (2005); job creation in Eastern Europe (2004); firm demographics and productivity in Hungary and Romania (2003-2004); Russian labor markets (2000-2002); Romanian productivity and job reallocation (2000); Romanian privatization and firm performance (2000); Russian corporate governance (1995-96); worker ownership in Eastern Europe (1994-95); privatization in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland (1993); Romanian labor markets (1993).

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Wrote studies on productivity and job reallocation in Lithuania (2015-16); productivity in Russia (2013-14); competition in Russia (2007-8); industry dynamics and privatization in Ukraine (2007); labor markets in Baltic States (2001); unemployment and labor market policies (1993), long-term unemployment and social assistance (1996), and social policies (1996-99) in Romania.

Kyiv School of Economics, International Advisory Board. Member (2000-11).

US Agency for International Development. Micro-enterprise growth in Romania (2000-01).

Russian-European Centre for Economic Policy (RECEP). Senior Expert (1999-2000).

Government of Romania. Economic Advisor to First Deputy Prime Minister (1993-94).

Office of Prime Minister, Mongolia. Privatization Advisor to Prime Minister (1996-97).

Government of Moldova. Economic Advisor to the Minister of Privatization (1996).

Columbia University, Department of Economics. Visiting Scholar (1993).

University of Vienna. Visiting Professor of Labor Economics (1991).

Institute for Advanced Studies (Vienna). Visiting Research Fellow (1991).

Brookings Institution. Research Fellow in Economic Studies (1986-87).

Congressional Budget Office, Fiscal Analysis Division; Washington, D.C. (1984).

Council of Economic Advisers, Executive Office of the President; Washington, D.C. Junior Staff Economist for Public Finance and Labor Policy (1982-83).

U.S. Geological Survey, Program Analysis Office. Research assistant (summers, 1981-82).


Academic Honors
National Merit Scholar
Phi Beta Kappa (Academic Honors Society)
Pi Kappa Lambda (Musical Honors Society)
Stanford University Graduate Fellowship
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Distinction awards on PhD comprehensive examinations at Stanford
Georges Lurcy Research Fellowship (at Brookings)
Fulbright Scholar (in Vienna)
Egyetemi Tanar (honorary lifetime professorship awarded by the President of Hungary)
President, Association for Comparative Economic Studies (ACES), 2011-12
NSF Grant (PI), 2013-17
Member of NSF Panels, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Abram Bergson Prize for the “Best Paper in Comparative Economic Studies During 2011 and 2012,” awarded in 2014


Publications: Articles
(working papers:

“Finance and Growth at the Firm-Level: Evidence from SBA Loans” (with D. Brown). Forthcoming in Journal of Finance.

“Foreign Ownership and Wages: Evidence from Firm-Level and Linked Employer-Employee Panel Data in Hungary, 1986-2008” (with A. Telegdy and G. Antal). Forthcoming in Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

“Job Creation, Small versus Large versus Young, and the SBA” (with D. Brown and Y. Morgulis). NBER Working Paper 21733. Forthcoming in Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses: Current Knowledge and Challenges. (edited by J. Haltiwanger, E. Hurst, J. Miranda, and A. Schoar), NBER and University of Chicago Press, 2016.

“Where does Privatization Work? Understanding the Heterogeneity in Estimated Firm Performance Effects” (with D. Brown and Á. Telegdy). Forthcoming in Journal of Corporate Finance.

“The Productivity Consequences of Political Turnover: Firm-Level Evidence from Ukraine’s Orange Revolution” (with S. Gehlbach). American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 59(3), 708-723, 2015.

“The Impact of Privatization on Employment and Earnings.” IZA World of Labor, 2014.

“Privatization” (with D. Brown and S. Gehlbach). In the Oxford Handbook of the Russian Economy (M. Alexeev and S. Weber, eds.), Oxford University Press, 2013.

“Privatization, Employment, and Wages: Evidence from Hungary in Comparative Perspective” (with A. Telegdy). In the Hungarian Labor Market: Review and Analysis (K. Fazekas, P. Benczúr, A. Telegdy, eds.). Budapest: Institute of Economics – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2013.

“The Effects of Foreign Acquisitions on Workers’ Wages” (with A. Telegdy). In the Hungarian Labor Market: Review and Analysis (K. Fazekas, P. Benczúr, A. Telegdy eds.). Budapest: Institute of Economics – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2013.

“Industrial Decline and Labor Reallocation in a Transforming Economy: Romania in Early Transition.” IZA Journal of Labor and Development, Vol. 1(1), 2012.

“Innovation, Adoption, Ownership, and Productivity: Evidence from Ukraine” (with D. Brown, H. Vakhitova and V.Zheka). In In the Grip of Transition: Economic and Social Consequences of Restructuring in Russia and Ukraine (T. Brück and H. Lehmann, eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

“Did Post-Communist Privatization Increase Mortality?” (with S. Gehlbach). Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 53(2), 239-260, June 2011. Summary published in The Lancet, Vol. 375(9712), 372, January 2010. Winner of the Abram Bergson Best Paper Prize.

“Employment and Wage Effects of Privatization: Evidence from Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine” (with D. Brown and A. Telegdy). Economic Journal, Vol. 120(545), 683-708, June 2010.

“The Normalization of Deviant Organizational Practices: Wage Arrears in Russia, 1992-1999” (with A. Spicer and K.S. Peter). Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 53(2), April 2010.

“Complementarity and Custom in Wage Contract Violation” (with K.S. Peter). Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. XCI(4), 832-849, November 2009.

“Helping Hand or Grabbing Hand? State Bureaucracy and Privatization Effectiveness” (with D. Brown and S. Gehlbach). American Political Science Review, Vol. 103(2), 264-283, May 2009.

“Ownership and Wages: Estimating Public-Private and Foreign-Domestic Differentials with LEED from Hungary, 1986-2003” (with A. Telegdy). NBER Working Paper No. 12997 published in Analysis of Firms and Employees – Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches (F. Andersson, S. Bender, J. Lane, K. Shaw, and T. von Wachter, eds.), NBER and University of Chicago, 2008.

“Creating Productive Jobs in East European Transition Economies: A Synthesis of Firm-Level Studies” (with D. Brown). National Institute Economic Review, Vol. 204(1), 108-125, April 2008.

“Developing Graduate Economics Education from Scratch: The Case of the CEU.” In Scaling Up the Success of Capacity Building in Economic Education and Research (B. Pleskovic, ed.). World Bank, 2007.

“Nonstandard Forms and Measures of Employment and Unemployment in Transition: A Comparative Study of Estonia, Romania, and Russia” (with D. Brown et al.). Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 48(3), 435-457, September 2006. Russian version:

“Nestandartnaya Zanyatost’ i Nestandartnaya Bezrabotitsa v Perekhodnykh Ekonomikakh Raznogo Tipa.” In Nestandartnaya Zanyatost’ v Rossiiskoi Ekonomike (V. Gimpelson and R. Kapeliushnikov, eds.) Moskva: Vyshshaya Shkola Ekonomiki, 281-340, 2006.

“Information Technology, Organizational Form, and Transition to the Market” (with U. Pagano and M. Lesi). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 60(4), 471-489, August 2006.

“Wages, Layoffs, and Privatization: Evidence from Ukraine” (with D. Brown and V. Vakhitov), Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 34(2), 272-294, June 2006.

“Job Reallocation and Productivity Growth in the Ukrainian Transition” (with D. Brown), Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 48(2), 229-251, June 2006. Working paper preprinted (in English and Ukrainian) in Labour Market Reforms and Economic Growth in Ukraine (L. Handrich, I. Burakovsky, and O. Betliy, eds.), Aachen: Shaker Verlag, 2006.

“The Productivity Effects of Privatization: Longitudinal Estimates from Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine” (with D. Brown and Á. Telegdy), Journal of Political Economy, Vol.114(1), 61-99, February 2006.

“What Makes Small Firms Grow? Finance, Human Capital, Technical Assistance, and the Business Environment in Romania” (with D. Brown and D. Lup), Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 54(1), 33-70, October 2005.

“The Wage Effects of Schooling under Socialism and in Transition: Evidence from Romania, 1950-2000” (with D. Andren and D. Sapatoru), Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 33(2), 300-323, June 2005.

“Does Privatization Raise Productivity? Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Romania Compared” (with D. Brown and A. Telegdy), (in Russian) in Competitiveness and Economic Modernization in Russia, (Y. Yasin, ed.), Higher School of Economics: Moscow, 2005.

“Ownership Concentration and Corporate Performance on the Budapest Stock Exchange: Do Too Many Cooks Spoil the Goulash?” (with C. Kucsera and Á. Telegdy), Corporate Governance: An International Review, Vol. 13(2), 254-264, March 2005.

“The Reallocation of Workers and Jobs in Russian Industry: New Evidence on Measures and Determinants” (with D. Brown), Economics of Transition, Vol. 11(2), 221-252, June 2003.

“A Spoonful of Sugar: Privatization and Popular Support for Reform in the Czech Republic” (with S. Gehlbach), Economics and Politics, Vol. 15(1), 1-32, March 2003.

“Privatization, Competition, and Budget Constraints: Disciplining Enterprises in Russia” (with S. Estrin), Economics of Planning, Vol. 36(1), 1-22, 2003.

“Privatization Methods and Productivity Effects in Romanian Industrial Enterprises” (with A. Telegdy), Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 30(4), 657-682, December 2002.

“How Late to Pay? Understanding Wage Arrears in Russia” (with K. Sabirianova), Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 20(3), 661-707, July 2002.

“Corporate Control: A Study of Firms on the Bucharest Stock Exchange” (with A. Telegdy, C. Kucsera, V. Kaznovsky), East European Economics, Vol. 40(3), 6-27, May/June 2002.

“Gross Job Flows in Russian Industry Before and After Reforms: Has Destruction Become More Creative?” (with D. Brown), Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 30(1), 96-133, March 2002.

“Microeconometric Studies of Russian Labor Markets: An Introduction to the Symposium” (with H. Lehmann), Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 30(1), 91-95, March 2002.

“Worker Training in a Restructuring Economy: Evidence from the Russian Transition” (with M. Berger and K. Sabirianova), Research in Labor Economics (S. Polachek, ed.), Vol. 20, 159-90, 2001.

“Measuring Defense Conversion in Russian Industry” (with I. Komarov), Defence and Peace Economics, Vol. 12(2), 103-44, March/April 2001.

“Privatization and the Structure of Enterprise Ownership” (with S. Estrin), in Russia’s Post-Communist Economy (B. Granville and P. Oppenheimer, eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.

“Corporate Governance and Restructuring: The Limits of Our Knowledge (Comments on the Paper by G. Roland)” in Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2000 (B. Pleskovic and N. Stern, eds.), World Bank, 2001.

“Business Start-ups or Disguised Unemployment? Evidence on the Nature of Self-Employment from Transition Economies” (with Z. Sakova), Labour Economics, Vol. 7(5), 575-601, September 2000.

“The Results of ‘Mass Privatization’ in Romania: A First Empirical Study” (with A. Telegdy), Economics of Transition, Vol. 6(2), 313-32, November 1998. Also published in Hungarian, Közgazdasagi Szemle, April 1998, and in Romanian, Sfera Politicii, May 1998.

“Workers’ Self-Management in Transitional Economies” (with S. Estrin), in Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms, Vol. 6, 3-28, 1998.

“Long-term Unemployment, Social Assistance, and Labor Market Policies in Romania” (with C. Pauna), Empirical Economics, Vol. 23(1-2), 203-35, 1998.

“Ownership Transformation, Economic Behavior, and Political Attitudes in Russia” (with R. Rose), CISAC Working Paper, May 1996, and published in Russian in EKO, October 1996.

“Causes and Consequences of Privatization in Russia: Economic Behavior and Political Attitudes in Russia” (with R. Rose), in Studies in Public Policy, 1996.

“The Incidence and Duration of Unemployment in Romania” (with C. Pauna), European Economic Review, Vol. 40(3-5), 829-37, 1996.

“Do East European Enterprises Provide Social Protection? Employee Benefits and Labor Market Behavior in the Transition,” in Stability and Change in the Social Benefits of Enterprises in Transitional Economies (M. Rein, B. Friedman, and A. Woergoetter, eds.), Cambridge University Press, 1996.

“Ownership Structures, Patterns of Control, and Enterprise Behavior in Russia” (with L. Leshchenko and S. Estrin), in Enterprise Restructuring and Economic Policy in Russia (S. Commander, Q. Fan, and M. Schaffer, eds.), Washington: World Bank-Economic Development Institute, 1996.

“Employee Ownership in Transition” (with S. Estrin), in Corporate Governance in Central Europe and Russia (R. Frydman et al., eds.), World Bank and CEU Press, 1996.

“Alternative Ownership Forms: The Impact on Restructuring” (with S. Estrin), Economics of Transition, Volume 3(1), 111-15,1995.

“Remarks on the Analysis of Mismatch Unemployment in the Czech and Slovak Republics” and “Discussion of Regional Unemployment and Sectoral Concentration,” in Unemployment in Central and Eastern Europe: The Regional Dimension, Paris: OECD, 1995.

“Interpreting the Decline of ‘Output’ and the Prospects for ‘Recovery’ in Eastern Europe,” in Output Decline in Eastern Europe – Prospects for Recovery? (J. Gacs, R. Holzmann, and G. Winckler, eds.), Kluwer Academic Press, 1995.

“Aggregate Labor Market Behavior in the Restructuring of the Romanian Economy” (with G. Oprescu), in Unemployment, Restructuring, and the Labor Market (S. Commander and F. Coricelli, eds.) Washington, D.C.: World Bank/Economic Development Institute, 1995.

“Incentive Contracts, Corporate Governance, and Privatization Funds in Romania” (with D. Sapatoru), Atlantic Economic Journal, Vol. 22(2), 61-79, June 1994. Also translated into Romanian and published in Adevarul Economic, 1995.

“The Ambiguity of Privatization and the Paths of Transition to a Private Property Regime” (with R. Frydman and A. Rapaczynski), in Privatization in Eastern Europe: Is the State Withering Away? (Frydman and Rapaczynski), CEU Press, 1994.

“Unemployment and Policies in Romania,” in Unemployment in Eastern Europe: Transient or Persistent? (Tito Boeri, ed.), OECD, 1994. Published in Romanian, Sfera Politicii, 1994.

“Monopoly Power, Foreign Trade, and Price Liberalization in Czechoslovakia” (with A. Woergoetter), in International Trade and Restructuring in Eastern Europe (J. Gacs and G. Winckler, eds.), Springer Publishers, Munich, 1993.

“Notes on Voucher Privatization Programs in Eastern Europe” (with R. Frydman and A. Rapaczynski), in The New Europe: Evolving Economic and Financial Systems in East and West (D. Fair and R. Raymond, eds.), Kluwer Academic Press, 1993.

“Privatization Policies in Eastern Europe: Diverse Routes to a Market Economy” (with R. Frydman and A. Rapaczynski), in Privatization in the Transition to a Market Economy (co-edited with R. Frydman and A. Rapaczynski), Pinter Publishers and St. Martin’s Press, 1993.

“Privatization in a Hypercentralized Economy: the Case of Romania” (with D. Sapatoru), in Privatization in the Transition to a Market Economy (J. Earle, R. Frydman, and A. Rapaczynski, eds.), Pinter Publishers and St. Martin’s Press, 1993. Published in Romanian in Oekonomika, 1993.

“Voucher Privatization in Eastern Europe,” paper presented to the Versailles Workshop on Voucher Privatization (Versailles, France), June 1992. Published in Romanian in Oekonomika, 1993. Also translated and distributed in Albanian, Latvian, and Ukrainian.

“Hours of Work and Trade Unionism” (with J. Pencavel), Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 8(1), Part 2, 150-74, January 1990.

“Inflation, Unemployment and the Reagan Administration” (with T. Kniesner), Business Economics, Vol. 19(5), 26-33, October 1984.

“Did Reaganomics Shift the Phillips Curve?” (with T. Kniesner), Indian Economic Review, Vol. 19(2), 235-40, 1984.

Economic Report of the President, January 1983. Coauthor of chapters on unemployment and capital formation.


Published Books
The Russian Labor Market: Moving from Crisis to Recovery (with Mansoora Rashid et al.), World Bank, 2003. Principal author (with K. Sabirianova) of Chapters 1-2 (“Understanding Employment: Level, Composition, and Flows, and Understanding Wages: Structure, Uncertainty, and Inequality”).

Small Privatization: The Transformation of Retail Trade and Consumer Services in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland (with R. Frydman, A. Rapaczynski, and J. Turkewitz), CEU Press, London, 1994.

Privatization in the Transition to a Market Economy: Studies of Preconditions and Policies in Eastern Europe(coedited with R. Frydman and A. Rapaczynski), Pinter Publishers and St. Martin’s Press, 1993. Also published in Romanian.

The Privatization Process in Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States (with R. Frydman, A. Rapaczynski et al.), CEU Press, 1993. Principal author of chapters on privatization policies and ownership structure in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Also translated and published in Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian.

The Privatization Process in Central Europe (with R. Frydman, A. Rapaczynski et al.), CEU Press, 1993. Principal author of chapters on privatization policies and ownership structure in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Romania. Also translated and published in Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Ukrainian. Winner of Choice “Outstanding Academic Book” award in 1993.


Published Op-Eds, Comments, Letters, Policy Briefs, and Book Reviews
Blog on Ukrainian research (with S. Gehlbach):, February 2, 2015.

“Privatization deaths” (with S. Gehlbach). The Guardian, December 26, 2011.

“Bigger Bureaucracy can be Better” (with S. Gehlbach). Moscow Times, January 25, 2011. Reprinted in Johnson’s Russia List and published in Russian in Vedomosti (, February 17, 2011.

“Does Privatisation Kill?” Royal Economic Society Newsletter, Vol. 145, 12-13, April 2009.

“Mass Privatisation and Mortality.” Lancet, Vol. 373(9671), 1247, April 11, 2009.

“Mass Privatization and Mortality: Is Job Loss the Link?” Op-ed posted on the World Bank Private Sector Development Blog (, March 4, 2009; on VoxEU Blog on Research-Based Policy (, March 7, 2009; and Anti-Dismal Blog ( ), March 9, 2009.

“Privatisation and Mortality.” A Letter to the Editor of the Economist, published in the print edition of February 21, 2009.

“Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (CAED): A Research and Data Agenda.” Employment Research. Kalamazoo: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, July 2008.

“Postcommunist Privatization and Productivity: What Have We Learned?” Employment Research. Kalamazoo: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, January 2008.

“Employment and Wage Consequences of Privatization.” Employment Research. Kalamazoo: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, January 2006.

“Economic Reforms and Productivity-Enhancing Reallocation in Ukraine and Russia” (with J. David Brown). Beyond Transition: The Newsletter about Reforming Economies. World Bank. Vol. 16(3), p. 10, July–September 2005.

“What Makes Small Firms Grow? Evidence from Romania” (with J.D. Brown and D. Lup), Beyond Transition: The Newsletter about Reforming Economies, Vol. 16(1), 14-15, World Bank, January-March 2005.

“Understanding Employment and Unemployment in Romania: A Policy Brief” (with I. Vantu, and R. Visan), presented at World Bank Seminar, Bucharest, September 2003.

“Evaluating Labor Market Performance: Job Reallocation and Productivity Growth in Russia,” Employment Research, Vol. 9(3), 4-6, July 2002.

“Mobility of Russian Workers Raises Productivity – New Research on Job Creation and Destruction” (with D. Brown), Transition, Vol. 12(3), July-September 2001.

“Competition, Geography, and Firm Performance: Lessons from Russia” (with D. Brown), Transition, Vol. 11(5), August-September-October 2000, World Bank.

“Market Competition and Firm Performance in Russia” (with D. Brown), Russian Economic Trends, Vol. 9(1), March 2000.

“Evaluating Russian Privatization” (with D. Brown), Russian Economic Trends, Vol. 8(3), 25-30, 1999.

“Understanding Mass Privatization in Romania: Opportunities and Cautions for Investors” (with A. Telegdy), Stockholm Report on Transition, Vol. 10(3), October 1999.

“Technical Paper: Privatization in Russia Offers Lessons for Others,” Economic Reform Today, Center for International Private Enterprise, No. 2, 1999.

“Why Shut-Down Lists Never Work” (with A. Telegdy, in Romanian), Curentul, 1998.

“Russia Puts Bankers Before Workers,” editorial (in Romanian) Curentul, 1999.

“Russia Defaulted Long Ago,” RECEP Policy Paper, September 1998, published in Romanian in Curentul, 1998.

“The Moldovan Pension System: Problems and Possibilities for Reform” (with S. Gehlbach), CEU Privatization Project – Labor Research Program, April 1996.

“Review of Post-Communist Reform: Pain and Progress, by O. Blanchard et al.,” in Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 34(1), 182-84, 1996.

“Owners and Winners in Eastern Europe” (with S. Gehlbach). Translated and published in the following newspapers: Delo, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 19, 1996; Bulgarski Business, Sofia, Bulgaria, November 14, 1996; Romania Libera, Bucharest, Romania, November 29, 1996; Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw, Poland; Logos Press, Chisinau, Moldova.

“Mass Privatization and Voter Response in the Czech Republic” (with S. Gehlbach, Z. Sakova, and J. Vecernik), OMRI Analytical Brief 1(137), June 1996.

Policy Memos for the Prime Minister of Mongolia, including analyses of previous privatization programs and a proposal for a new program (1996-97).

Pension Reform in Moldova: a paper written at the request of the Minister of Privatization. (March 1996).

“Vouchers, restitution, helped Klaus at ballot box” (with S. Gehlbach, Z. Sakova, and J. Vecernik), Prague Business Journal, June 3-9, 1996.
Policy memo on the current politics and economics of mass privatization in Romania for George Soros (October 1995).

“Large Privatization in Romania: An Update,” CEU Privatization Project – Labor Research Program, October 1995.

“Romanian Privatization Problems: A Diagnosis,” “Privatizing Romania: A Basic Sketch,” and “Privatizing Romania: Principles and Explanations” (with C. Munteanu and D. Sapatoru), CEU Privatization Project, July 1993.

“Large Privatization in the Czech and Slovak Republics,” published in Romanian in Sfera Politicii and in Albanian, 1993.


Not Yet Published Working Papers
(also see

“Is Privatization Working in Ukraine? New Estimates using Comprehensive Manufacturing Firm Data, 1989-2013” (with D. Brown, S. Shpak, and V. Vakhitov). Paper presented at the JCE Conference on “Ukraine: Escaping the Post-Soviet Legacy,” in Kyiv, April 2015.

“Do SBA Loans Create Jobs? Estimates from Universal Panel Data and Longitudinal Matching Methods” (with D. Brown). Working paper, 2014.

“Nature Versus Nurture in the Origins of Highly Productive Businesses: An Exploratory Analysis of U.S. Manufacturing Establishments” (with D. Brown). Working paper, 2011.

“Entry, Growth, and the Business Environment: A Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data from the U.S. and Transition Economies” (with D. Brown). Working paper, 2011.

“Evaluating the Firm Growth Effects of Small & Micro Business Loan Programs: Evidence from Linked Administrative and Universal Panel Data in Romania” (with D. Brown).

“Understanding the Contributions of Reallocation to Aggregate Productivity Growth: Lessons from a Comparative Firm-Level Analysis” (with D. Brown). Upjohn Institute Working Paper, 2008.

“The Productivity Effects of Privatization in Ukraine: Estimates from Comprehensive Manufacturing Firm Panel Data, 1989-2005” (with D. Brown). Background paper for the OECD Economic Survey of Ukraine, 2007. Upjohn Institute Working Paper.

“Entrepreneurship from Scratch” (with Z. Sakova), working paper, 2004, under revision.

“Unemployment Duration and Misperceptions of Displaced Workers” (with S. Dendir). Working paper, 2005.

“Job Reallocation and Productivity Growth Under Alternative Economic Systems and Policies: Evidence from the Soviet Transition” (with D. Brown). Working paper, 2004.

“Corporate Control in Hungary” (with C. Kucsera and A. Telegdy), chapter in book manuscript Corporate Control in the EU Accession Countries (M. Becht, ed.).

“Privatization, Competition, and Transition Policy Strategies: Evidence from Russian Enterprise Panel Data” (with D. Brown).

“Competition-Enhancing Policies and Infrastructure: Evidence from Russia” (with D. Brown).

“After Voucher Privatization: The Structure of Corporate Ownership in Russian Manufacturing Industry” (with S. Estrin), CEPR (London) Discussion Paper and SITE Working Paper, June 1997.

“Housing Reform and Geographic Labor Mobility in Eastern Europe,” paper presented to the meetings of the European Society of Population Economists in Uppsala, Sweden, June 1996.

“Privatization versus Competition: Changing Enterprise Behavior in Russia” (with S. Estrin), working paper of the Centre for Economic Performance (London), May 1996.

“Eastern European Experience with Small-Scale Privatization” (with R. Frydman, A. Rapaczynski, and J. Turkewitz), CFS Discussion Paper Series No. 104, 1994.

“Do Sectoral Shifts Matter?: The Paradoxical Case of Cyclical Employment Fluctuations,” Institute for Advanced Studies Working Paper, Vienna, Austria, 1991.

“Cyclical Labor Adjustments and Trade Unionism,” Stanford University, June 1988.


Other Research Projects
Political Connections, Firm Performance, and Oligarch Ownership: Evidence from the Orange Revolution (with S. Gehlbach)

Industrial Policies and Creative Destruction: Evidence from US Small Business Programs (with D. Brown)

Intergenerational Transmission of Entrepreneurial Propensities: Evidence from Generation-Skipping due to Communism (with K. Lee)

Productivity Dispersion, Reallocation, and Public Policies: Theory and Evidence from the U.S. and Six Transition Economies (with E. Dinerloz and D. Brown)

Effects of Wal-Mart (and Other Big Box Stores) on the Establishment Size Distribution, Employment, and Earnings: Evidence from a Long Panel of U.S. Counties

Estimating the Contributions of Firm Entry to Productivity and Employment Growth (with D. Brown)

Worker Displacement and Job Search in the U.S.

Does Microcredit Raise Small Firm Growth? Evidence from Romania

Market Pressures and Productivity

Earnings Inequality in Hungary from Communism Through Transition: Analysis of a Linked Employer-Employee Database, 1986-2005 (with A. Telegdy)


Research and Teaching Fields
Labor Economics / Human Resources / Employment Policies
Economics of Transition and Development
Entrepreneurship and Business Growth
Ownership, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance
International Business
Industry Dynamics and Productivity
Political Economy and Institutions
Comparative Analysis of Economic Policies
Applied Econometrics (cross-section and panel)
Program Evaluation


Editorial Boards
Member of the Editorial Board, Comparative Economic Studies (since 2011).
Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Comparative Economics (2003-2006).
Associate Editor, IZA Journal of Labor and Development (since 2012).
Associate Editor, IZA World of Labor (Emerging and Transitional Economies, since 2014)
Member of four NSF Panels (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.


Grants and Funded Research
National Science Foundation (2013-2016), for research on small business programs, innovation, and growth. $434,000. Principal Investigator.

World Bank (2011-2012), for analysis of skills measurement. Consultant.

National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (2009-2011), for research on entrepreneurship and entry. $43,890. Principal Investigator.

U.S. State Department (2009), for research on start-up firms in Georgia and Romania. $26,000. P.I.

International Development Research Centre (2009), for support of workshops on firm-level data analysis and linked employer-employee data, $25,000. P.I.

Association for Comparative Economic Studies (2009), for support of workshops on firm-level data analysis and linked employer-employee data, $10,000. P.I.

World Bank (2008), for research on firm location and infrastructure in Russia. $14,400. P.I.

OECD (2007-8), for research on industry dynamics and productivity in Russia. €12,000. P.I.

European Science Foundation, COST Programme (2008-2012), for an international network of researchers on comparative analysis of firm-level data. €400,000. Proposer and P.I.

World Bank (2006-7), for research on firm-level productivity growth in Europe and Central Asia. $30,000. P.I.

OECD (2007), for research on industry dynamics and privatization in Ukraine. €8,000. P.I.

National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (2005-2007), for research on privatization. $64,000. P.I.

European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme (2005-2008), for research on Russian and Ukrainian labor markets. €97,000 (partner share). Partner.

Economic Research and Outreach Center (EROC) at the Kiev School of Economics (2004-2005), for research on Ukrainian enterprises. $27,200. P.I.

U.S. State Department and William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (2004-2005), for research on reallocation in Russia and Ukraine. $30,000. P.I.

U.S. State Department and William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (2004-2005), for research on managerial turnover. $35,000. Partner.

World Bank (2004), for analysis of firm demographics in Romania. $6,000. Partner.

World Bank (2004), for analysis of firm demographics in Hungary. $6,000. Partner.

National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (2003-05), for research on employment reallocation and productivity growth. $35,000. P.I.

British Academy (2003-04), for research on job flows. £20,000. Partner (with D. Brown).

U.S. State Department and William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (2002-2003), for research on small firm growth in the Balkans. $25,000. P.I.

U.S. Agency for International Development (2002-2003), for research on nonstandard forms of employment and unemployment in Russia, Romania, and Estonia. $70,000. P.I.

CEU Research Board (2001-2003), for research on “Organizational Form, Technology, Job Reallocation, and Unemployment.” $20,000. P.I.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (2001) for background paper on Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) labor markets. FF 70,000. P.I.

Handelsbanken (2001-2002), for research on privatization. SEK 330,000. P.I.

European Union Fifth Framework Programme (2001-2003), for study of labor market transitions and employment restructuring. €64,778. Partner.

U.S. Agency for International Development (2001), for survey research on small firm growth in Romania. $95,000. P.I.

ACE-PHARE Program of the European Union (2000-02), for studying restructuring in Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia. €155,000. P.I. and Project Coordinator.

ACE-PHARE Program of the European Union (2000-2002). Grant for research on higher education reform in Eastern Europe. €30,000. Partner.

Ruben Rausing Fund for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1999), for research on business start-ups in Russia. SEK 1,570,000 ($180,000). P.I.

ACE-PHARE Program of the European Union (1999-2000). Grant for research on corporate governance and disclosure in Hungary and Romania. €28,000. Partner.

International Research Exchange (IREX) (1999). Short-term travel grant, Russia. $5,000.

Tercentenary Foundation, Bank of Sweden (1998). Grant for labor research in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. SEK 350,000 ($50,000). P.I.

Nobel Foundation (1998). Grant to organize a Nobel Symposium on the Economics of Transition (Stockholm, September 1999).

Canadian Employment Research Forum (1998). Grant for research on self-employment in Eastern Europe and for participation in an OECD/CERF/CILN conference. $7,000.

Wenner-Gren Foundations (1998). Travel grant for research in Central Europe. $2,000.

Ruben Rausing Fund for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1998). Grant for research on self-employment in Central and Eastern Europe. $35,000. P.I.

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (1997-98). Grant for research on enterprise restructuring and conversion in the Russian defense sector. $70,000. P.I.

ACE-PHARE Program of the European Union (1997-99). Grant for research on privatization and enterprise restructuring in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. ECU 167,000 ($200,000). P.I. and Project Coordinator.

William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan (1996-97). Grant for research on internal labor markets in privatizing companies in Eastern Europe. $5,000.

ACE-TACIS Program of the European Union (1996-98). Grant for research on Russian enterprise restructuring and corporate governance. Partner.

National Science Foundation of Switzerland (1996-98). Grant for research on privatization and restructuring in Russia. Partner.

Carnegie Corporation (through CISAC, Stanford) (1995-97). Grant for Project on Industrial Restructuring and Political Economy in Russia and East-Central Europe.

Center for Economic Policy Research (London) (1994). Grant for research on employee benefits provided by enterprises in Eastern Europe.

National Council for Soviet and East European Research (1993-94). Grant for research on privatization in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. P.I.


Professional Memberships
American Economic Association
American Finance Association
Academy of Management
Association for Comparative Economic Studies
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
European Association of Labor Economists
European Economic Association
Royal Economic Society
Society of Labor Economists


Referee for Journals, Publishers, and Foundations
American Economic Review, Berkeley Electronic Press (Macroeconomics), Canadian Journal of Economics, China Economic Review, Comparative Economic Studies, Corporate Governance, Czech Sociological Review, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Economic Journal, Economica, Economic Systems, Economics of Education Review, Economics Letters, Economics of Transition, Economics and Politics, European Economic Review, European Journal of Political Economy, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Labour Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Work and Occupations, World Development, Central European University Press, Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, European Science Foundation, Palgrave Publishers, Routledge, Taylor and Francis, M.I.T. Press, Economics Education and Research Consortium, World Bank, National Science Foundation.


Teaching Experience (number of times each course was taught)
Labor Economics

Stanford University, advanced undergraduate (7)
Central European University, MA-level (20) and PhD-level (12)
Stockholm School of Economics, PhD-level (3)
University of Vienna, PhD-level (1)
George Mason University, MPP and PhD combined (3)

Microeconomic Theory

Central European University, MA-level (4)
George Mason University, MPP (12)
GMU, PhD (1)

Economic Policy Analysis, Stanford University, advanced BA-level (4)


Stanford University, advanced BA (1)
Central European University, MA (3)

Economics of Transition, Stanford University, undergraduate and MA (7)

Intermediate Macroeconomics, Stanford University, BA (1)

Supervision of theses and dissertations (number of students)

Ph.D. Dissertations at George Mason, Committee Member (4); Chair (5)
Ph.D. Dissertations at CEU, Principal Advisor (4); Committee Member (3)
M.A. Theses at CEU, Principal Advisor (over 60)
Ph.D. Committee Member at European University Institute; Stockholm School of Economics; Budapest University of Economics; University of Uppsala; Aalto University (Helsinki)
Undergraduate Theses at Stanford (twice, both received special prizes)

Academic and Community Service
Service at the Stockholm School of Economics

Coordinator of Ph.D. Labor Economics field course sequence (1998-2000).
SITE Faculty Spokesperson (chair of faculty meetings) (June-December 1999).
Developed proposal for a Nobel Foundation Symposium on the Economics of Transition (summer 1998).
Ph.D. Dissertation Supervisor.
Member and chair, faculty hiring committee, SITE (1997-2000).
Member, SITE library committee (1997-2000).
Advisor on long-term planning and the development of research at SSE-Riga (1997-99). Wrote proposal to improve curriculum, including a stronger economics course sequence and an “honors program,” and to develop local faculty.
Recruitment of students to the SSE Ph.D. program from Central and Eastern Europe.
Organized system of faculty committees at SITE.
Presentation to the East-Finance Group on “An Overview of the Romanian Economy,” Stockholm (November 1997).
Presentation to Volvo executives and Swedish Ambassadors to Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union on “Recent Economics Developments in Central and Eastern Europe,” Rosared, Sweden (August 1997).

Positions held at the Central European University (CEU)

Member of Economics Department Ph.D. Committee, by election (2000-3 and since 2006).
Director of the PhD Program, by appointment of the Rector (2003-6).
Director of the Labor Project (since 1994).
Chairman of the Junior Faculty Search Committee in Microeconomics (2004-5 and 2005-6).
Chairman of the Junior Faculty Search Committee in Macroeconomics (2005-6).
Member of the Senior Faculty Search Committee (2004-2007).
Member of university-wide task force on fund-raising (October-December 1999).
Member of Economics Department Faculty Review Committee (1999-2006).
Director of International Summer School on Labor Markets and the Applied Microeconomics of Transition (1996-98).
Member of steering committee for the selection of a Director of Computer Services (1996).
Member of University Committee for the Library (October 1995 – June 1997).
Member of University Committee for Computer Users (October 1995 – June 1997).
Acting Director and Academic Director of the Department of Economics and the M.A. Program in Economics (Jan 1993 – Aug 1995). Responsible for organizing recruitment and admission of students; hiring of faculty, teaching assistants, and administrative staff; organizing faculty meetings; proposing and implementing changes to curriculum; and establishing grading, academic standards, and other procedures.
Member of the CEU Academic Senate (1992-95).
Member of the Committee on Grading Policy (1992-94).
Member of Committee on the Academic Code of Conduct (1994-95).
Member of the Prague College Council (1993-95).
Member of Prague College Academic Forum (1993-95).
Member of Prague College Disciplinary Committee (1991-95).
Chairman of “Ad-Hoc Committee on the Economics Library Collection” (1995).
Member of University Committees for Library, Computer Users, and Chorus (1995-96).
Deputy Director of CEU Privatization Project (October 1991 – September 1996).

CEU Department and University Service

Organized the effort for accreditation of the CEU M.A. Economics Program (1993-1995). Wrote all the substantive sections of the accreditation proposal.
Recruitment and interviewing trips on behalf of the CEU Economics Program to Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine. Raised the number of applicants from 150 in the first year to 630 in the fourth year.
Coordinated the development of the economics collection at the CEU library in Prague, including large donations of journals and books from Stanford University faculty members.
Wrote descriptions of the purpose and curriculum of the Economics Program for diverse CEU and Open Society publications.
Initiated and organized mathematics tests for applicants to the Economics Program.
Gave lectures, short courses, and thesis evaluations at the CEU Departments of Legal Studies, European Studies (International Relations), and Sociology.
Wrote analyses of cost-of-living to support University decision-making on student stipends.
Managed the move of the CEU Economics Department from Prague to Budapest.
Involved many economics students in personal research, both as assistants and as coauthors (more than 20 coauthored papers with students and graduates of the Economics Program).
Organized and funded internship program for CEU graduates at the Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University (six students over the 1994-96 period).
Designed several improvements to the Economics Program curriculum and a complete revision of the curriculum for a two-year program.
Organized CEU Economics Program Alumni Association and several reunions and seminars for graduates of the Program.
Evaluated economics programs and curricula of regional universities for HESP (the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute). Assessment trips: Siberian Independent University (1995); Novosibirsk State University (2005).
Presented lecture on the design of economics curricula and the organization of M.A. programs in economics for visitors from the Kiev Mohyla Academy (April 1995). Met with visiting academics to discuss similar issues on multiple occasions. Assisted the Center in compiling information on economics programs.

Upjohn Institute Service

Grant Competition Evaluator and Committee Member (2002-2010).
Grant Monitor (since 2002).
Dissertation Award Evaluator and Committee Member (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006. 2007).
Seminar coordinator (2003-4).
Search Committee member (2008-10).
Conference organizer (2003, 2008, 2009).
Visiting Scholar and internship organizer (2002-2010).
Website revision committee (2008-9)
Grant program revision committee (2007-8).

George Mason University Service

International Commerce and Policy Evaluation Committee, member (2011).
Committee on Credentials, Retention, Promotion, and Tenure, member (2012-14); chair (2013-14).
Faculty Search Committees: member (2012-2013); chair (2013-14 and 2014-15).
Division of Economic and Regional Analysis, Director (2014-15).
Transitional Executive Council, Member (2014-15).
SPGIA Research Committee, Member (2014-15).
Dean Search Committee, Member (2015-16).

Other Community Service
American Councils for International Education, member of grant selection committee, 2010.

Arlington Public Schools, Arts Advisory Committee, member (2010-2012).

Arlington Public Schools, Budget Advisory Council, member (Nov 2010 – June 2013). Subcommittee on Compensation, member (2010-2013) and chair (2012-2013).

Economics Education and Research Consortium, member of the Working Group on Households and Labor Markets (1997-present); member of the International Advisory Board (since 2007).

Kyiv School of Economics, member of the International Advisory Board (2003-2011).

IBIS Chamber Music Society, member of the Board of Directors (since 2012).

NSF Panel Member (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).