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Justin Gest - Recent Scholarship

Assistant Professor
Justin Gest - Recent Scholarship


3351 Fairfax Drive MS3B1
Arlington, VA 22201


Recent Scholarship

Gest, J. Apart: Alienated and Engaged Muslims in the West. Research Monograph, Columbia University Press (North America) and Hurst and Company (Europe), 2010.

Book Chapters
Gest, J. “Divided or Conquered: The Challenges of Organizational Life for Muslims in Europe.” In Islamic Organizations in Europe and the United States, edited by Kerstin Rosenow and Matthias Kortmann, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

Gest, J. “Alienation in Modernity: The Case of European Muslims.” The Politics of Religion in Western Europe, edited by Francois Foret and Xabier Itcaina, ECPR Press, 2011

Gest, J. “Reluctant Pluralists: Western Muslims and Essentialist Identity Structures.” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2014, forthcoming.

Gest, J. “Measuring and Comparing Immigration Policies Globally: Challenges and Solutions.” Global Policy, 2014, forthcoming. Lead author with Michael Hiscox, et al.

Gest, J., and A. Boucher. “Migration Studies at a Crossroads: A Critique of Immigration Regime Typologies.” Migration Studies, 2014, forthcoming.

Gest, J. “Comparing Immigration Policies: An Overview from the IMPALA Database.” International Migration Review, in Resubmission, 2014. With Michael Hiscox et al.

Gest, J., and T. K. Wong. “Organizing Disorder: Indexing Migrants’ Rights and International Migration Policy.” Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, 27 (2) , 2014.

Gest, J. “Mapping the Process of International Norm Emergence: Migrants and Minority Rights Agendas.” Global Governance 19 (1), 2013. Lead author with Carolyn Armstrong, et al.

Gest, J. “Western Muslim Integration.” Review of Middle Eastern Studies, 46 (2), 2012.

Gest, J. “Avoiding Evasion: Implementing International Migration Policy.” Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, 24 (4), 2011.