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Laurie Schintler - Recent Scholarship

Associate Professor of Public Policy; Director, Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics, Masters Program; Associate Director of Center for the Study of International Medical Policies and Practices



3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Fax: 703-993-0811

Recent Scholarship

Schintler, L.A. and C. L. McNeely, The Encyclopedia of Big Data (3 Volumes), Target: 2016-2017, Springer-Nature

Schintler, L.A. and Z. Chen, Big Data for Regional Science, Routledge (Due December 1, 2016).

Schinter, L.A. Disruptive Science (publisher TBD after manuscript is complete), Target 2016-17.

Reggiani, A and, Schintler, L. (2006) Methods and Models in Transport and Telecommunications: New Perspectives From Europe and America. Amsterdam: Springer Verlag.


Book Sections
Schintler, L.A. and G. Galiazzo. “Measuring And Visualizing Urban Network Dynamics: A GIS And Graph-Theoretic Approach.” In Complexity and Spatial Networks: In Search of Simplicity, edited by Reggiani, A. and P. Nijkamp, 209-220. Springer-Verlag, 2009.

Schintler, L. A. “Foreword.” In Elderly Entrepreneurship in an Aging Economy: It’s Never Too Late, by T. Zhang. London, Singapore, New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.

Haynes, K. E. R. K., L. Schintler, and R. Stough. “Intelligent Transportation System (I.T.S.) Management Using Boolean Networks.” Spatial Dynamics, Networks and Modeling. A. R. a. P. Nijkamp. Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar: 121-138, 2006.


Journal Articles and Reviews
Osth, J, Reggiani, A and LA Schintler (In-Progress), Can the Mobility of Phones be used to Depict the Spatial Organization of Regions?

Schintler, LA and Mcneely, C. (In-Progress), Event-Driven Online Networks, Social Capital and Regional Entrepreneurship.

Schintler, LA. Bots Versus Bohemians: Resiliency of Labor Markets in Automated Cities, Invited Submission for Special Issue of Cities eds. Borsekova, K and P Nijkamp (forthcoming).

Schintler, LA et al. . Socio-Spatio-Temporal Networks: Measuring and Visualizing Community Resilience, Invited Submission for Special Issue of Transportation on Accessibility, Resilience, and Vulnerability (eds. Thill, JC et al.) (forthcoming).

Schintler, LA (forthcoming). Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), Encyclopedia of Big Data, Springer-Nature.

Schintler, LA (forthcoming) Big Data for Public Policy, Encyclopedia of Big Data, Springer- Nature.

Schintler, LA (forthcoming) Big Data and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implications for Regional Science, in eds. Schintler, LA and Chen, Z, Big Data for Regional Science.

Schintler, L.A., Kulkarni, R., Haynes, K. and R. Stough (forthcoming). Exploring regional variations in “socio-spatio” interaction and geographic homophily using location-sharing services data. ed. Thill, J.C. Innovations in Urban and Regional Systems Science-Contributions from GIS&T, Spatial Analysis and Location Modeling

Schintler, L. A. Review of “Policy Analysis of Transport Networks,” by M. van Geenhuisen, A. Reggiani, and P. Rietveld. Growth and Change 39, no. 4 (2008): 681-683.

Schintler, L. A. “Complex Network Phenomena in Telecommunications Systems.” Networks and Spatial Economics 5, no. 4 (2005): 351-70.

Reggiani, A and L. Schintler (2005). Book review of Urban and Regional Transportation Modeling. Essays in Honor of David Boyce, Papers in Regional Science, Vol. 84 (3).



Professional Reports
Schintler, L. Telecommunications and ITS Infrastructure Security, Report to Federal Highway Administration, Cooperative Agreement DTFH61-06-H-00014 (�ITS Regional Integration&#65533, September 2009.

Schintler, L. A., Gorman, S., Kulkarni, R., and Stough, R. (forthcoming). Internet Vulnerability Study. Prepared for NIST and the Critical Infrastructure Project, George Mason University.

Schintler, L. A., and Kulkarni, R. (forthcoming). Visualizing the Risk Associated with the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Through Metropolitan Areas. Prepared for the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Department of Transportation.

Auerswald, P. E., L. Branscomb, S. Gorman, R. Kulkarni, and L. Schintler (2007). Placing Innovation: A Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.) Approach to Identifying Emergent Technological Activity. Washington, DC, U.S. Deparatment of Commerce, Advanced Technology Program/NIST GCR 06-902.


Presentations and Proceedings
“Location as an Obstacle and Opportunity in the use of Big Data for Regional Science”, Special Session on Big Data, 64th Annual Meeting of the North American Regional Science Association, November 2016.

“Bots Versus Bohemians: Resiliency of Labor Markets in Automated Cities”, ABC Meeting of the Regional Science Academy: Smart People in Smart Cities, Banska Bystrica, August 2016. (Invited)

Schintler, LA and McNeely, C. “Event-Driven Online Networks, Social Capital and Regional Entrepreneurship”, 55th Annual Meeting of WRSA, Big Island, HI, February 2016.

“Big Data for Regional Science”, ABC Meeting of the Regional Science Academy: It’s a Small World – Big Data and Beyond, Stockholm, Sweden, January 2016 (Invited).

Schintler, LA et al. “Socio-Spatio-Temporal Networks: Measuring and Visualizing Community Resilience”, Cluster 6: Accessibility, Resilience and Risk, 2015 NECTAR Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI, June 14-16. (Invited)

McNeely, C. L., and L. Schintler. “Gender Issues in Scientific Collaboration and Workforce Development.” Presented to the U.S. National Science and Technology Council at the National Press Club, 2010.

Schintler, L. et. al. “The Spatial Distribution of Mortgage Foreclosures in Maryland.” 2009 ACSP meeting, Arlington, VA, October 2009.

Haynes, K., R. Kulkarni, R. Stough, and L. Schintler. “Exploring the U.S. Housing Bubble with K-entropy and PCA.” Presented to the 49th European Congress of the Regional Science International in Lodz, Poland, August 2009.

Haynes, K., R. Kulkarni, R. Stough, and L. Schintler. “Exploring a Region Classifier Based on Kolmogorov Complexity.” Published in the Proceedings, Vol. IV, from The 13th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, Orlando, FL, July 2009.

Kulkarni, R. G., K. E. Haynes, R. R. Stough and L. Schintler “Traffic Pattern Analysis Based on Fisher Information, Shannon and Kolmogorov Entropy and Changing Gas Prices.” NECTAR Conference, Arlington, VA, June 18-20, 2009.

Schintler, L., and G. Galiazzio. “Identifying Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies in Transport Networks: A Graph-Theoric and Raster-Based Approach.” 1st Transatlantic NECTAR Conference, Arlington, VA, June 2009.

Schintler, L. et. al. “Foreclosure Contagion and Policy: The Neighborhood Effect.” 2009 Mid-Year American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association meetings, Washington, DC, June 2009.

Schintler, L. A., and G. Galliazzo. “Measuring and Visualizing Urban Network Dynamics: A GIS and graph-Theoretic Approach.” Presented at the 8th World Congress of RSAI 2008, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008.

Schintler, L. A. et. al. “The Spatio-Temporal Complexity of the U.S. Housing Market.” Presented at the ERSA 2008, Liverpool, UK, 2008.

Schintler, L. A. et. al. “Spatial Aspects of the Foreclosure Crisis.” Presented at the North American Meeting of the Regional Science Association International 2008, Brooklyn, NY, 2008.