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Rainer Sommer

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Enterprise Engineering
Rainer Sommer



3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Fax: 413-826-8202



Dr. Sommer is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Enterprise Engineering as well as a previous assistant director in the Policy Analysis Center of the George Mason University School of Public Policy. While employed at GMU he has held several research and teaching positions in the fields of Business-to-Business (B2B) electronic commerce and supply chain integration, international telecommunication, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation and design, and most recently ERP-based Business Process Engineering methods.

Since 1994 Dr. Sommer’s research efforts have been concentrated in the field of integrated enterprise modeling to facilitate the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System-based supply chain solutions. During that time Dr. Sommer has provided research and consulting services to a multitude of national/international public and private sector organizations on ERP business process and technical infrastructure implementation. Current efforts include a project with the Naval Air Systems Command to define the technical requirements for a large scale DoD ERP system implementation. Other research is focused on the development of a planning methodology that maps narrative strategic information into a formal process-planning model with which to begin the business process re-engineering effort. Dr. Sommer was head of the Enterprise Engineering and Policy Laboratory. The laboratory was dedicated to ERP-based Business-to-Business electronic commerce, supply chain optimization, and ERP “Back-Office” integration research.

Most recently Dr. Sommer was the Group Leader of the Digital Forensics Investigative Technologies Group (DFIT) at the Center for Organizational Performance and Integrity (COPI) at the GMU Schar School of Government and Policy.

Areas of Research

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Engineering
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Industrial Organization
  • Transportation Policy