POGO - Spring 2020

POGO 511-002: Introductory Data Analysis
Instructor: Alisha Martinez

POGO 511-003: Introductory Data Analysis for Policy and Government
Instructor: Anh Thu Pham

POGO 550-002: The Political Economy of Regulation
Instructor: Kenneth Button

POGO 580-001: The Chip and The Chimp: Governing Machine and Human Behaviors in the Digital Age
Instructor: David Williams

POGO 580-002: Expanding Your Media Clout
Instructor: David Rehr

POGO 580-003: Nonprofit Leadership Challenges
Instructor: David Rehr

POGO 646-001: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO 646-002: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO 646-613: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Michelle A. Casciato

POGO 730-001 Global Economic and Human Development
Instructor: Kenneth A. Reinert

POGO 750-DL1: Energy Law and Regulations
Instructor: Paul Bubbosh

POGO 750-DL2: Dangers of Technology: AI and Beyond
Instructor: Stephen R. Ruth

POGO 750-001: Intelligence Analysis
Instructor: Michael Morell

POGO 750-002: International Money Laundering, Corruption and Terrorism
Instructor: John Byrne

POGO 750-004: Civil Wars and Stabilization in Africa
Instructor: Philip Martin

POGO 750-005: Extreme Stats Policy Analysis
Instructor: Philip Auerswald

POGO 750-006: Ethical Challenges in Public Policy
Instructor: Robert L. Deitz

POGO 750-007: European Security
Instructor: Desmond J. Dinan

POGO 750-008: Information, Intelligence, and Smart Power
Instructor: Ellen Laipson

POGO 750-009: Climate Change Policy and Politics
Instructor: Todd LaPorte

POGO 750-010: Emerging Technologies, Transportation, and Public Policy
Instructor: Jonathan Gifford

POGO 750-011: Political Influence and Business Interests
Instructor: Lee Godown