Suspension Override Request Procedure

Suspension Override Request

All requests for an override of suspension must be submitted by the student to our office at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes for the semester in which the student seeks a return.

Suspension Override Policies

No student on suspension is guaranteed an override, and decisions are made on a case by case basis. If an override is approved, it is on a part-time basis only (no more than 7 hours of coursework). Students are not allowed more than one override. A third suspension results in dismissal, which is considered permanent. Students with outstanding incompletes (INs) are not permitted early returns and should make their top priority the successful completion of those INs by the university deadline.

Factors Affecting Suspension Overrides

Factors considered by the dean when reviewing requests for an override may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Documented reasons for student’s unsatisfactory performance (illness, unforeseen personal circumstances, etc.) and evidence of positive changes.
  • The student’s cumulative GPA and number of credit hours successfully completed by the student in past semesters.
  • The possibility of additional suspension or dismissal if the student is allowed an override.
  • Willingness to consult with Learning Services and complete the Certificate of Academic Skills Program.
  • Willingness to speak with other offices that could help student improve academically (possibly including the Office of Disability Services, the Counseling Center, or the Writing Center).
  • Willingness to repeat appropriate courses to improve cumulative GPA.
  • A well-defined plan of action in which the student states academic and career goals and lists courses necessary to help achieve these goals.
  • Timing of the request – the sooner, the better to allow a full, fair evaluation.

Students who are within 12 hours of meeting all degree requirements and who could reasonably bring their cumulative GPA up to the required 2.00 may request a special exception to the above conditions, which will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Requesting a Suspension Override

  1. Review all policies pertaining to suspension overrides.
  2. Complete the Schar School undergraduate student academic request form found here.
  3. Check the “other” box and indicate suspension appeal.
  4. Attach a written narrative explaining your circumstances and outlining your plan for returning to your studies earlier than the required suspension time frame. Refer to the “factors affecting suspension overrides” above.
  5. Submit the form to Assistant Dean Ann Ludwick. Scan/email, fax, or in-person submission are acceptable.
  6. Monitor your Mason email account to receive a decision.