Returning from Suspension

According to the University Catalog (, the university's minimum standard for satisfactory academic achievement is 2.00 on a 4.00 scale. Students with at least 7 attempted credits and a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 fall into one of three categories: warning, probation, and suspension. 

You may refer to the university catalog Academic Policy AP.5.2.3 Student Retention Categories here:

Students in degree status who incur a first suspension following a spring semester or summer term serve a period of suspension through the next fall semester. Students who incur a first suspension following a fall semester serve a period of suspension through the next summer term. A second suspension is for one calendar year: two semesters and a summer term. Students returning from suspension are on probation for one academic period. Course credits earned at other colleges during the period of suspension from Mason (for academic or nonacademic reasons) are not accepted for the degree program. 

When returning from a period of suspension, you must meet with a member of the advising team so that we can help you with returning to your studies and remove the hold on your account. Send an email to (for Government and International Politics majors) or (for Public Administration majors) to request a virtual advising appointment and get started on your pathway back at Mason! You’ll work with your advisor to plan for the best approach for success for the coming semester, likely targeting courses to repeat and planning for no more than 13 credits.

Here are some tips for your advising meeting:

If the schedule is viewable for the coming semester on Patriotweb, take a look and have some courses picked out ahead of time.

Be prepared to discuss what you can do differently this time and outline any time commitments like a job or other work activity.

Consider taking an academic skills workshop or two: to demonstrate your commitment to improved study skills.

Your case will be referred to the Schar School Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Students will receive information about next steps at that time.

Bring your Academic Advisor Approval form to your virtual advising meeting. This form must be submitted to the Schar School Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs before you may register for classes after returning from suspension.