Meet the Freshman Working in the Student Senate and What He Hopes to Accomplish

Photo of Zayd Hamid

Zayd Hamid is a first-year Schar School student from Manassas Park, Virginia, serving as the vice chair of the Mason Student Senate academics committee as well as the senate outreach liaison. While those who represent the student body in student government likely have their own motivations for serving, Hamid’s reason for adding student government duties to a busy schedule can be pinpointed to a local elected official.

“One of my biggest inspirations is [Virginia] Delegate Danica Roem [D-13], a fantastic public servant who represents my home city of Manassas Park,” he said. (Roem, it should be pointed out, is a former longtime journalist and, in 2018, became the first out transgender person elected to the Virginia General Assembly.)

“She was part of what inspired me to join student government in high school,” Hamid said. “I wanted to continue that work of constituent service here at Mason. I want to be someone who can make lives better through policy formation and execution, to be a signer of legislation that tangibly improves lives.”

Hamid, who is majoring in government and international politics, said he enjoys the nuts and bolts of politics: “I love discussing legislation and passing things that improve the quality of life for students. In regard to my motivations for representing my fellow students, I do it because I care about my community. I have a lot of friends here and I know that I’m in a place of influence where I can make a change to support people in need. The people I care about make the stress and work of the job all worth it every day. “

Prior to enrolling at Mason, Hamid served as captain of Manassas Park High School’s academic team, participated in several programs and organizations, and worked for his local community center among other activities that involved him in his community.

“These varied experiences have given me a diverse background of experiences to help me prepare for a school like Mason, which takes pride in the diverse array of opportunities available for students to explore,” he said. “I’ve fostered my personal and professional skills over the years and hope to continue doing so through the opportunities at Mason—to make me a better student, a better public servant, and a better man.”

Hamid parted with some words for the Mason student body.

“I want people to know that the student government is here for you,” he said. “We are here to support and serve you. Anyone can feel free to reach out with ideas for what they’d like to see changed on campus and we will try our best to materialize those wishes. Always feel free to reach out to me; I am here for you. That goes for all my colleagues in student government as well.”

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