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Gebreselassie Tesfamichael is the former minister of finance and development of Eritrea, where he oversaw the formation of the country’s National Development Program.

During his tenure as minister of finance, Eritrea had Africa’s fastest growing economy. Tesfamichael later was appointed advisor to the Executive Directors Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), addressing the needs and concerns of the 21 African countries in the Africa 1 Group constituency. He also served in East Timor as the chief advisor to the Planning Commission to help develop the nation’s first post-independence National Development Plan and he conducted a world-wide assessment of development in conflict countries for the World Bank.

Tesfamichael is one of the few development and reconstruction experts working today who has first-hand experience as a frontline combatant, giving him an intimate understanding of the military, political, and social aspects of conflict and development. He also has direct diplomatic experience, having served in the external relations department of Eritrea and participating in peace negotiations. It is this vast range of experiences at all levels, coupled with his work with most of the major multilateral agencies, that give him unique insights into development and creating growth throughout Africa.