JoAnn Lee, PhD

JoAnn Lee
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Associate Professor, Social Work

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Phone: 703-993-8411
Building: Peterson Hall
Room 3610

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Dr. JoAnn Lee is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work. Lee’s research interests are to improve the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, public systems that intervene in the lives of marginalized individuals. Her research activities revolve around the following three aspects: a) advancing our understanding of the transition to adulthood (ages 18-34); b) assessing the impact of child welfare and juvenile justice system intervention on young adult life outcomes; and c) identifying structural and social contextual factors that contribute to deviance, delinquency, or engagement in criminal behaviors. She frames her work within the life course perspective, recognizing the interplay between human agency and larger social contexts throughout an individual’s life. 

Before coming to Mason, Lee was a postdoctoral fellow at Seattle Children's Research Institute where she examined relationships between social contexts and youth deviant behaviors. Her practice experiences include addressing substance use issues among juvenile justice and Asian American youth populations, as well as homeless and marginally housed youth. 



Research Interests

  • Young adults
  • Juvenile justice
  • Child welfare
  • Adolescents
  • Delinquency
  • Social services


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“Institutional Pathways: Dynamics and Characteristics of System Service Use by Serious Adolescent Offenders,” National Institute of Justice, Award number 2015-JF-FX-0144. January 2015-March 2016. Role: Principal Investigator. $40,000.

“Social Work integrative Research Lab Project Scholarship Development Grant,” George Mason University Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, & Research. 2016-2017. Role: Co-Principal Investigator. $46,500.

“Impact of Adjudication Status and Independent Living Services on the Transition to Adulthood for Foster Care Youth,” George Mason University Office of Research & Economic Development. Summer 2014. Role: Principal Investigator. $2500.



  • PhD, Social Welfare, University of Washington
  • MSSW, Social Work, Columbia University
  • MPA, Public Administration, Columbia University
  • BA, Psychology, Stanford University