Career Outcomes

At the Schar School, we develop a career success plan for students from the moment they step foot on campus until graduation, and continue to provide coaching and career services to students as alumni. Students are supported and encouraged to pursue internships, research projects, and other opportunities to help build their professional skills and give them an additional edge in the job market. And these efforts work: Our graduates can be found in a wide-range of professions, across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, taking on leadership positions and creating positive change. 

In a challenging job market, 87% of Schar School master’s degree graduates from Winter ’19 and Spring ’20 had confirmed full-time job placement. A survey of 2018/2019 undergraduates found that 86% had confirmed post-graduate plans, such as a job or graduate school. In all of our programs, students begin building their careers on day one.

Every year, we survey graduating students to learn more about their post-graduation plans, whether it be employment, graduate school, military service, or volunteer work. The findings are summarized in the below reports.


Whether you're a current student, alumni, or a prospective student, learn more about career services at the Schar School and how to advance in your career.

If you are an employer looking to hire Schar School students for internships or employment, check out our resources for employers.