Daniel Druckman Fellowship

The Schar School of Policy and Government is pleased to offer the Daniel Druckman Fellowship Stipend to eligible master’s and doctoral students admitted to a Schar degree program. The Fellowship will go to doctoral or master’s students to do a research project in one or more of the following areas:

  • The study of conflict, either within a particular nation or region or as a comparative project
  • The study of negotiation or mediation, either within a particular nation or region or as a comparative project
  • Political psychology in international relations
  • Peace studies with an emphasis on peacekeeping or peacebuilding
  • Political polarization in the U.S. and/or elsewhere
  • Global governance, with a focus on (non-military) international cooperation and collaboration. Including but not limited to institution-building to promote international cooperation
  • Diplomatic and/or other non-military responses to threats to international or national security and order

Criteria for Druckman Fellowship

  • Recipients have an option to make a presentation at the end of the fellowship period.
  • Funding after 3 years will depend on additional contributions to the fellowship.

The Daniel Druckman Fellowship Stipend is available due to the generous financial support of Daniel Druckman, Schar School Professor Emeritus.

Award Level

Fellowship recipients receive a one-time award of $8,000 toward tuition, after other funding has been applied.


All master’s and doctoral students admitted to a Schar School degree program are eligible to apply. 

Application Procedures

Students interested in being considered for this award should fill out the application for the Daniel Druckman Fellowship and submit the appropriate supplemental materials. Applications are accepted twice per academic year and are due on January 5 and August 5.

We encourage applicants to emphasize the significance of the research and relevance to the aims of the scholarship, the actionability of the research, as well as their readiness to undertake it.