Policy Exchange: Working with Imperfections – Leveraging Positive Outcomes in Uncertainty

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You’re invited to attend a virtual session for prospective students to learn more about the Schar School of Policy and Government and our graduate programs.

Most of us have feelings of not being perfect. The sense of “I should have worked harder or I should have done it differently” is a constant thought companion for many of us. In this seminar, we will learn that we can let go of who we think we should have been and accept who we are in the current moment. We can control the self-doubts and second guessing by acknowledging their presence but not letting them control our lives. Using reframing techniques, we can see the strengths and competencies we already possess and put them to use in the organizational context. We will also recognize that some of those imperfections are qualities that have been helping us thrive in the organization. 

DATE: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. ET (Virtual Event)
FEATURING: Professor Tojo Thatchenkery




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Professor Tojo Thatchenkery is director of the Schar School's Master's in Organization Development and Knowledge Management program. He is featured as one of the leading change thinkers in the Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers and has written books on appreciative inquiry, knowledge management, sustainable development, social capital, organizational development, postmodernism, and information technology and economic development.