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Char R. Miller

Associate Professor
Char R. Miller



Research Hall Room 321, MSN: 3F4
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

Affiliation: Cultural StudiesPhilosophy, Politics, and Economics



Char R. Miller is an Associate Professor at George Mason University. His work focuses on political aesthetics, sovereignty, and disciplinary technologies. He recently published, Cities on the Plains, which examined the roles of violence in consolidating political communities. His previous book, Taylored Citizenship, explored conceptions of economic discipline in the Twentieth-Century. His current book project examines the power of money and its relations to political sovereignty. He is also working on a project that treats Paul of Tarsus as a useful interlocutor in thinking about global catastrophes, such as the ongoing environmental crisis. 

Areas of Research

  • Political Theory
  • Public Law
  • Political Culture