POGO - Spring 2021

POGO-511-DL4: Intro Data Analysis for Policy & Government
Instructor: Alisha Martinez

POGO-511-DL5: Statistical Methods for Policy Analysis
Instructor: Keith Waters

POGO-550-DL1: Management Skills & Workflow for Empirical Research
Instructor: Robert McGrath

POGO-550-DL2: Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Social Science Applications
Instructor: Robert McGrath

POGO-550-DL3: The Political Economy of Regulation
Instructor: Kenneth Button

POGO-580-DL3: Surfing the Tsunami: Crisis Management
Instructor: Kevin Quigley

POGO-646-DL1: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO-646-DL2: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Bonnie Stabile

POGO-646-603: Policy & Program Evaluation
Instructor: Michelle Casciato

POGO-750-DL2: Middle East: Security Challenges and U.S. Responses
Instructor: Gregory Aftandilian

POGO-750-001: Ethical Challenges in Public Policy
Instructor: Robert Deitz

POGO-750-003: Higher Education Policy
Instructor: Anne Holton

POGO-750-004: Information, Intelligence and Smart Power
Instructor: Ellen Laipson

POGO-750-005: Policy and Law: The Legal Framework of National Security
Instructor: Andrew McCabe

POGO-750-DL7: Dangers of Tech: AI and Beyond
Instructor: Stephen Ruth

POGO-750-DL8: International Development Projects in Practice
Instructor: JP Singh

POGO-750-D10: US Transportation Policy in the 20th Century
Instructor: Kenneth Button

POGO-750-D13: Revolutions and Social Protest
Instructor: Jack Goldstone

POGO-750-D14: The Art of Successful Grant Writing
Instructor: Judith Wilde

POGO-750-D16: Civil Wars and Stabilization in Africa
Instructor: Philip Martin

POGO 750-D17: International Money Laundering, Corruption and Terrorism
Instructor: John Byrne

POGO-750-D18: Climate Change and Security
Instructor: Erin Sikorsky

POGO-750-D19: Intro to Intelligence
Instructor: James Danoy

POGO-750-D20: China and the U.S.
Instructor: Hilton Root

POGO-750-D21: Biological and Environmental Data Science for Policy
Instructors: Naoru Koizumi & James Olds

POGO-750-D23: Topics in Public Policy: Introduction to Housing Policy
Instructor: Katrin Anacker