Public Sector Focus

From regional transportation to the Federal budget to international affairs – public sector focused programs draw from the School’s core competencies in policy and public administration and provide valuable insights for government officials and industry executives alike.

Sample Courses

Congressional Oversight: Theory, Practice and Presentation

Format: Three-day program

Audience: Mid- to Senior-level managers

Objective: Increase effectiveness in responding to Congressional requests. Topics include:

Understanding purpose and stakeholders

Preparation and delivery of testimonies

Communication of results within and outside the organization

Media Relations for Government Agencies

Format: Three-day program

Audience: Mid- to Senior-level officials (single/multi-agency)

Objective: Build individual and strategic communications capacity. Programmatic elements include:

Understanding role and objectives of the media

Role playing to teach strategies for interviews

Managing crises through strategic communication

Industry Structure and Firm Analysis

Format: Three-day training

Audience: International trade specialists and economists

Objective: Enhance the understanding of key concepts and analytical tools needed to perform industry and firm analysis. Participants develop a systematic framework for the analysis of a given industry or company through case studies. Topics include:

Industry- vs. Firm- vs. Country-level Impacts on Profitability

Government and Policy Environment

Porter’s Five Forces and Five Diamond Models

Merger and Acquisition Analysis

Strategic Management