PhD in Public Policy: Academic Advising

Director: John S. Earle

The Schar School’s doctoral program in public policy prepares its graduates for positions of significant responsibility in academia, government, and the private and public sectors. Its focus is on analytical and research-based approaches to public policy. The Schar School seeks to understand the underlying determinants of public policy choices, to analyze and improve the implementation of policy, and to identify and assess new opportunities to address emerging issues.

The program places heavy emphasis on research methods and scholarly literature, effective professional communication to both expert and lay audiences, and an interdisciplinary approach that accounts for all significant dimensions of policy issues. Policy understanding and appreciation are informed by theory and philosophy, model building, and historical and real-world knowledge of specific circumstances, cases, and issues. In addition to focused studies and research in specific areas of concentration, the program requires advanced preparation in the culture and value choices inherent in public policy-making, comparative analysis of public policy problems, and international dimensions of policy issues. For information on concentrations, degree requirements, and other program details, please visit the links below.

Resources for Public Policy PhD Students: