Honors Program

Honors in Government and International Politics or Public Administration

Challenge yourself and seize a chance to show the world your quality by pursuing advanced work that will lead to a graduation with honors!

Those who test their mettle with our honors program participate in a two-course sequence of GOVT 491 and GOVT 496. GOVT 491 is the honors version of our 490 synthesis class, and GOVT 496 gives you the opportunity to work directly with a member of the faculty and conduct original research.

You will then present and defend this research as part of your final grade for GOVT 496. Your average GPA between these two classes must be a 3.5 in order to graduate with honors.

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Application Process

Students who meet specific academic qualifications are invited to apply to the honors program in the middle of the spring term of their junior year. These requirements are: a 3.5 GPA and taking or having taken GOVT 300 in the semester that they apply. We do take into consideration the difficulty of your previous classes and your overall strengths as a student (previous research, experience in multiple disciplines, etc.) and can be moderately flexible on the GPA requirement.

Applications are provided by the Honors advisor. Students must provide a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the Schar School, as well as a writing sample. Final decisions are made by the Honors’ program director in conjunction with a faculty committee.

Honors Students

Honors in Government and International Politics
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