GOVT - Fall 2022

GOVT-301-001: Public Law and Judicial Process
Instructor: Kelly Richter

GOVT-301-002: Public Law and Judicial Process
Instructor: Ally Coll

GOVT-307-001: Legislative Behavior
Instructor: Nicholas Miras

GOVT-319-002: Miracle Machine: American Science Policy
Instructor: James Olds

GOVT-319-005: Intermediate Spanish in Local and Global Contexts
Instructor: Lisa Rabin

GOVT-319-006: Religion and Politics
Instructor: John Farina

GOVT-319-007: Politics of American Education
Instructor: Atif Qarni

GOVT-329-002: American Civil Justice
Instructor: Kelly Richter

GOVT-341-001: Chinese Foreign Policy
Instructor: Ketian Zhang

GOVT-342-001: Diplomacy
Instructor: Gregory Delawie

GOVT-354-001: Nonprofit Sector in Society
Instructor: Clifford Yee

GOVT-356-001: Public Budgeting and Finance
Instructor: Leonard Wales

GOVT-367-004: Money, Markets and Economic Policy
Instructor: Steven Pearlstein

GOVT-399-001: IR Policy Task Force: Human Security and International Development at the Border
Instructor: Eric McGlinchey

GOVT-423-001: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Instructor: Robert Deitz

GOVT-423-002: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Instructor: Kelly Richter

GOVT-443-001: Law and Ethics of War
Instructor: John Harlow

GOVT-444-005: Demography and Population
Instructor: John May

GOVT-445-002: Human Rights
Instructor: Sarah Dorman

GOVT-490-007: Polarization and the 2022 Election
Instructor: Steven Pearlstein

GOVT-500-001: Scientific Method and Research Design
Instructor: Philip Martin

GOVT-530-001: Comparative Politics
Instructor: Philip Martin

GOVT-706-001: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Instructor: Charles Keckler

GOVT-743-001: International Political Economy
Instructor: Hilton Root

GOVT-745-001: International Security
Instructor: Ellen Laipson

GOVT-745-002: International Security
Instructor: John Gordon