BA in International Security and Law

This new, one-of-a-kind degree program prepares graduates to become leaders when they are needed most: in the face of crisis.

Traditional and nontraditional security threats affect the lives of millions around the globe every day. This dynamic program combines national and international security and law and is designed to help students understand how to most effectively respond to them—from weather disasters to cyber attacks to nuclear proliferation and more.

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You'll learn to ...

  • Research and synthesize information regarding issues and threats
  • Collect, analyze, and evaluate data from open sources to develop information addressing issues of counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and cybersecurity
  • Use visualization and analysis tools such as Tableau, Python, and R to interpret and communicate quantitative and qualitative data
  • Apply contextual theories of politics and government to identify problems, assess their impact, and evaluate options
  • Effectively communicate information to inform policy-making
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Located Near Major Players in U.S. Security

With George Mason University's prime location in the Washington, D.C. area, Schar School students gain access to world-class scholars and practitioners in the fields of international security and law.  You'll be ideally located to take advantage of prestigious local internships and make career connections that can last a lifetime.

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Future Careers for Program Graduates

Start building your international security career with a BA in International Security and Law. Graduates of this program will be prepared for entry-level positions in government, business, and international organizations concerned with security issues between nations, such as:

  • Government/Government Contracting: Intelligence Professional (Entry Level/Early Career)
  • Business: Junior Security Intelligence Analyst, Global Expansion Intelligence and Risk
  • Nonprofit sector: Food Security Analyst
  • Government: Foreign Service Officer

The BA in International Security and Law program requires 120 credits, including study abroad, internships, and a capstone. Select course offerings, include: 

  • Grand Challenges to Human Security explores international treaties and the role of the United Nations.
  • Diplomacy covers the Vienna Convention as the legal framework for the practice of diplomacy.
  • American Security Policy addresses the legal underpinnings of the American national security apparatus.
  • International Security examines effects of the international system on defense policies of states, particularly tensions of the world caught between emerging interdependence and national demands.
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Colin McAulay stands outside on the George Mason University Fairfax Campus while wearing a gray sweater and blue collared shirt.

"While every university has a political science program, Mason goes one step further and gives me, as an undergraduate, the ability to focus on security studies. I want to be a diplomat, and the Schar School’s B.A. in International Security & Law has been the perfect program to prepare me for my career."

- Colin McAulay, International Security and Law major.


Practitioner Faculty

Students in this program will work with experienced professors and skilled practitioners who will teach how to identify security threats and understand the legal context that governs how leaders asses risks and address threats. Faculty in the International Security and Law program are former or current political advisors, international law fellows, general counsel, and law enforcement professionals.

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Prepare for a Career in Law

Whether you are laser-focused on going to law school or just thinking about it, a degree from the Schar School of Policy and Government offers the flexibility to pursue a career in law—or one in government, academia, the nonprofit sector, and in private practice. Th school provides a host of programs and opportunities that will prepare you to excel in whatever field you choose.

Fund Your Degree

The Schar Scholars program provides financial assistance to freshmen who are interested in government, political science, international relations, public policy, pre-law, and public administration. George Mason University also offers a wide range of additional aid, such as grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study employment.

Whether you're looking for a residential learning community for your first year at Mason, hoping to develop your research skills, ready to tackle a global policy issue, or preparing for a career in law, you can benefit from one of our four Schar School learning communities. 

Get in Touch

Prospective students and their families can get to know the Schar School by setting up an informational appointment with the Schar School undergraduate recruitment team. Visit in person in 333 Aquia Building on the Fairfax campus, or set up a time to talk by phone or Zoom. Reach out to or 703-993-6564 to schedule a conversation.

Schar School Undergraduate Student Liaisons are also happy to help!

Learn More

Learn more about our undergraduate experience, program offerings, and career outcomes.