Political Science Dissertations by Author

Political Science Dissertations by Author table


Student Chair Dissertation
AKIYAMA, Hiromi Wan Who Rebuilds? Comparative Civil Society Involvement in Post-Disaster Recovery of China and Japan (May 2019)
ALEXANDER, Brian Victor Partisan Ends: The Utilization of Conference Committees in a Polarized Congress (August 2015)
ARMSTRONG, Andrew Thrall Certainly Biased: Truth and Confidence in the Digital Age (August 2021)
ATHERLEY, Scott McGrath Control Avoision: Proactive Discretion in the US Federal Bureaucracy (December 2019)


Student Chair Dissertation
BORSHCHEVSKAYA, Anna Katz Putin’s Syria Intervention: How Russia Avoided a Quagmire (May 2020)
BUEHLMANN, Michelle Conlan Party Time? A Temporal and Partisan Examination of Changes in American Lawmaking (August 2021)


Student Chair Dissertation
CASCIATO, Michelle Listokin Bringing the State Back In: Statutory Mandates and Incremental Change in Local Government Budgeting (May 2018)
COLBURN II, Jay C. Mandaville Spatial Dynamics of Contentious Politics: Mass Mobilization in the Arab Uprising (August 2020)


Student Chair Dissertation
DODGE, Michaela Dueck US Missile Defense Cooperation with the Czech Republic: Alliance Politics in Action (May 2019)
DOYLE, Brett Posner Beyond Ad Hoc: The Role of Inter-Organizational Collaboration in U.S. Stabilization Efforts 


Student Chair Dissertation
ERSOY, Meltem Mandaville Political Crisis and Party Transformation: The Case of AKP in Turkey (May 2016)


Student Chair Dissertation
FitzGerald, Gerald T. Mandaville The European State and Minority Religious Groups: Exploring Patterns of Engagement and Access(December 2017)


Student Chair Dissertation
HARPER, Jerad Dueck A Tug of War for Effectiveness: US Efforts to Build the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (1955-1973) (May 2020)
HAYNES, Susan Katz Behind the Buildup Explaining Chinese Motivations for Nuclear Modernization (December 2014)
HEATH, Timothy R. Wan Political Requirements for Economic Upgrade in Single-Party Authoritarian Regimes: A Comparative Analysis
HOFEMAN, Austin Daigle The Campaigns Characteristics Make: Television Advertising and Changes in Presidential Campaign Perceptions (August 2021)
HUDSON, Gabriel Miller Christodemocracy: The Alternation Democratic Theory of America’s Christian Right (May 2013)


Student Chair Dissertation
Ibrahim, Ayah Mandaville American Muslim Organizations' Platform and Strategies: Understanding Changes in Interest Group Identity (December 2017)


Student Chair Dissertation
KIM, Albert Wan North Korea: Kim Family’s Use of Legitimacy for Regime Maintenance (December 2018)
KURZE, Arnaud Burt Justice Beyond Borders? The Politics to Democratize Human Rights in the Postconflict Balkans (May 2012)
KRYLOVA, Yulia Shelley “Grease” Payments in the Relations Between Regulatory Agencies and Individual Entrepreneurs: The Case of Russia (May 2017)


Student Chair Dissertation
LIM, Ji Hye Wan On the Heels of Developmental State: Diverging Paths of Joining Bilateral Investment Treaties between Japan and South Korea (August 2020)
LITWIN, Oren Miller Who May Fight Just Wars? Right Authority for States and Non-States (December 2014)
LOLLAR, Rebecca Dueck Dominican, Mexican, and Nicaraguan Compliance with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act: The Role of Instrumental Incentives (May 2019)


Student Chair Dissertation
MAYE, Diane L. Katz Switching Sides: Political Power, Alignments, and Alliances in Post-Saddam Iraq (December 2015)
MESINA, Dennis O. Edner Learning in Complex Systems (May 2019)


Student Chair Dissertation
OSAE-KWAPONG, John Wilsford What the State Does, Why Does It and The Consequences: A Comparative Analysis of State Policy Choices in the Cocoa, Timber and Gold Mining Sectors in Ghana (December 2013)


Student Chair Dissertation
POTTS, Richard Burt Salt, Light, and Cocaine: Religious Civil Society and Narco-Violence in Mexico's Border Region (December 2016)


Student Chair Dissertation
ROYCE, Mark R. Lopez-Santana The Political Theology of European Integration (May 2016)
RYU, Shin Kue Posner Where is the Safe Water? Capturing the Missing Explanation in Inter-Country Variation in Access (December 2016)


Student Chair Dissertation
SHAHAN, Asif M. Posner From Autonomy to Relevance: The Evolution of the Government Accountability Office (August 2015)

SWEET, Diana L.

The Art of Winning Hearts and Minds: Explaining Success and Failure of Confucius Institutes in the US (August 2017)


Student Chair Dissertation
THORNBURG, Matthew McDonald The Causes and Consequences of Registering with a Political Party (May 2013)


Student Chair Dissertation
WHYTE, Christopher E. Thrall
Out of the Shadows: Subversion and Counterculture in the Digital Age (August 2017)
WOOD, Leet Dueck Securing the Sky: Negotiating Space Security Institutions for the 21st Century (August 2019)
WRIGHTEN, Jatia  McGrath Who Runs the World? An Examination of Black Women and Leadership in State Legislatures (May 2020)