A Message from Dean Mark J. Rozell

Dean Mark Rozell standing in front of Van Metre Hall

The nature of public policy and government in the 21st century is rapidly evolving. Changing demographics, advances in technology, fiscal constraints at every level of government, a global economy and the rise of public-private partnerships are just some of the factors contributing to this shifting landscape. As the needs of citizens, and the ability of governments to meet those needs, become more complex, the current and next-generation of leaders must be more creative and strategic in finding solutions to the challenges that communities faced domestically and abroad.

We live in a global age where the role of government is more fluid and not as easily defined as in the past. Consulting firms and private companies now offer services that were once funded by the federal government, while programs once funded by the federal government now rely on state, local, or philanthropic funding sources. Such factors have had a major impact on the tools that leaders need to succeed in this new age. They require a relevant, interdisciplinary education—one that offers a national and global perspective while also illuminating the complexities of current research on policymaking and public administration.

The Schar School of Policy and Government is unique in helping students meet these needs. How?

  • Located where policy happens, we deliver a bird’s-eye-view of how government really works and how policy is made. Our proximity to the seat of the Federal government allows our students to witness and participate in policy in action and connect to the networking, internships and career opportunities that can only be found in the Nation’s Capital.

  • Our faculty members are experts on policy, politics, government, national security, intelligence, defense, and everything in-between, with many having served at the highest levels of government. They help students connect theory and practice by drawing on their real-world experience and original research. Students thus gain practical knowledge and applicable skills to utilize wherever their career path takes them.

  • We prepare students to be future leaders and managers who advance the public good by helping to solve problems across both the private and public sectors. Our graduates have the drive to make a difference in the world by building upon the knowledge and experience they have gained.

With the generous gift from Dwight Schar, the Schar School is poised at the forefront of innovation and education in helping to shape the policy leaders of tomorrow.


Mark J. Rozell
Dean, Schar School of Policy and Government