Regional Expertise - United States

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  • Photo of Christopher D. Berk

    Assistant Professor

    Christopher D. Berk is an Assistant Professor in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. His research and teaching interests span the law, politics, and philosophy of punishment, with a particular concern for the relationship between democratic politics and penal law.
  • Photo of James K. Conant


    Areas of Research: Environmental Policy, Environmental Protection, Executive Branch Organization and Management, Federalism/State and Local Government, Leadership, Organizations, Public Administration, Public Budgeting, Public Law, Transportation Security, and United States
  • Photo of Colin Dueck


    Areas of Research: Foreign Policy, International Relations, International Security, U.S. Politics and Institutions
  • Photo of John S. Earle

    University Professor
    Director, Center for Micro-Economic Policy Research (CMEPR)
    Director, PhD Program in Public Policy

    Areas of Research: Comparative, Institutional, and Transition Economics; Economic Development; Economic Policy; Employment Policy; Entrepreneurship; Firm and Industry Dynamics; Labor Economics; Microeconomics; Organizations; Political Economy; Quantitative Methods; Small Business Programs, Growth, and Innovation
  • Photo of Justin Gest

    Associate Professor of Policy and Government

    Areas of Research: Comparative Politics, Diversity, Europe, Immigration Policy, International Migration, Islam, Middle East, Minority Politics, Muslim Politics, Qualitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity, United States
  • Photo of Jonathan L. Gifford

    Professor; Director, Center for Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy

    Areas of Research: Civil Engineering, Development and Delivery, Federalism/State and Local Government, Fiscal Policy and Budgeting, Infrastructure Finance, Public-private Partnerships, Regional Development, Transportation Policy, Urban Policy
  • Photo of David M. Hart


    Areas of Research: Energy Policy, Innovation Policy, Manufacturing Policy, Science and Technology Policy, U.S. Politics
  • Photo of Maurice Kugler

    Professor of Public Policy

    Areas of Research: Economic Growth, International Economic Development, Human Capital, Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade and Global Labor Markets.
  • Photo of Todd M. La Porte

    Associate Professor, Schar School of Policy and Government

    Areas of Research: Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, Public Administration, Science and Technology Policy, Climate Change Adaptation, Energy and Climate Policy
  • Photo of Robert J. McGrath

    Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Areas of Research: Federalism/State and Local Government, Health Policy, Legislatures, Presidency and Executive Branch, Quantitative Methods