IR Policy Task Force

The International Relations Policy Task Force invites Schar School junior- and senior-year students to engage deeply with pressing global challenges. Members will form teams to tackle one of three proposed issues. Over the course of the year, they will pursue individual research on the topic, consult with subject area experts, and work collaboratively to propose policy solutions. 

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Tackle Pressing International Challenges
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Become a Policy Expert

A learning community open to Schar School juniors and seniors in the International Relations concentration, the International Relations Policy Task Force teaches students how to draft compelling policy reports appropriate for different audiences while earning course credit. With this specialized training, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of different policy areas and develop valuable skills to help them secure future employment—and be highly effective in their chosen role. 

Gain Critical Skills—And Class Credit

Fall Semester GOVT 399: Challenges & Opportunities of International Policy (1 Credit)
Students will be introduced to experts working in the field, with the opportunity to self-select into one of the three following task force areas:

  • COVID and the Next Global Pandemic
  • LGBTQ+ and Gender Rights in Foreign Policy
  • Empowering Local Communities to Respond to Climate Change

Spring Semester GOVT 399: Policy Task Force (3 credits)
Students will individually draft reports on specific sub-areas relevant to each policy area and program, and collectively draft a policy report that will be delivered to the appropriate institutions, organizations, and parties.

"I find that I always learn something new from my peers and hear different perspectives on a variety of issues. At a Schar School Learning Community event, I was able to speak directly with Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Virginia) and ask her about jobs in her office and in Congress. Her response confirmed that working in the legislative branch is an attainable goal after graduating from the Schar School. Five months after her talk, I am now a Fellow on a Virginia Gubernatorial election."

— Pearl Matibe
BA, Government and International Politics
Schar School of Policy and Government student Pearl Matibe
Schar School of Policy and Government Professor Eric McGlinchey

Meet the International Relations Policy Task Force Director

Professor Eric McGlinchey

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