IR Policy Task Force

The International Relations Policy Task Force invites Schar School sophomore-, junior-, and senior-year students to engage deeply with pressing global challenges.

Task Force members will tackle pressing issues in the fields of international relations, comparative politics, and sustainable growth. Over the course of the year, students will identify challenges affecting stakeholders in local as well as globally interconnected communities, develop tools to research these challenges, consult with subject area and policy experts, conduct individual research, and work with Task Force colleagues to craft impactful policy solutions.

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Tackle Pressing International Challenges
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Become a Policy Expert

International Relations Policy Task Force is a 6-credit sequence (GOVT 399 and GOVT 444) that fulfills requirements in the following concentrations:

Government and International Politics

  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Analysis
  • Public Policy and Administration

Public Administration

  • Economic Policy Analysis
  • Public Policy

Gain Critical Skills—And Class Credit

Fall Semester: The 3-credit fall offering introduces students to how subject matter and policy experts in governmental and nongovernmental organizations craft responses to international challenges. Students will explore how Case Study Analysis complements quantitative and qualitative approaches to policy and social science.

Spring Semester: Participants in the 3-credit spring offering will use the policy analysis toolkit they developed in the fall semester to conducting their own original research. The spring semester is structured to assist students produce three deliverables: (1) a 2,000-word policy memo, (2) a 500-word policy brief, and (3) a 5-minute oral presentation of the policy brief. The 5-minute oral brief will be professionally recorded in the GMU-TV studios. This portfolio is designed to help students advance their academic and professional careers in the fields of international policy and analysis.

"I find that I always learn something new from my peers and hear different perspectives on a variety of issues. At a Schar School Learning Community event, I was able to speak directly with Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Virginia) and ask her about jobs in her office and in Congress. Her response confirmed that working in the legislative branch is an attainable goal after graduating from the Schar School. Five months after her talk, I am now a Fellow on a Virginia Gubernatorial election."

— Pearl Matibe
BA, Government and International Politics
Schar School of Policy and Government student Pearl Matibe
Schar School of Policy and Government Professor Eric McGlinchey

Meet the International Relations Policy Task Force Director

Professor Eric McGlinchey

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